Fantastic films on the coolest street in America. Where the art of film merges with a boulevard famous for fashion, technology, and culture.

Venice, California was founded by Abbot Kinney and modeled after Venice, Italy. It was designated as a place for artists to come and create. This still stands true today, and we're here to offer a canvas for artists to light up the night on creatively placed silver screens projected under the stars, drive in style, and on the side of buildings.

Let's face it, a lot of film festivals are often times boring - set in the confounds of a box. It's time to think out of the box. It's time to think like Abbot Kinney.

There are no rules other than:

It must be fantastic.

It must be cool.

Overall Rating
  • Felix PiƱeiro

    Unique and funky fest. Glad we got to do our west coast premiere there. Looking forward to the next!

    October 2018