First film project a success.
From the age of 10 writing has been a passion of mine, along with movies. In a time before tablets or even word processors, I spent many summer days tapping away on an old typewriter. Whiteout was a nifty invention that saved me from starting over in the likely event of a typo. Even then, however, I dreamed of the day when one of my stories would make it to the big screen.
In decades past, a novel only got the privilege of becoming a feature film if a prominent producer discovered it. With the increased availability of quality audio and video recording as well as editing equipment to the general public, more film makers have a decent opportunity to pursue their dreams.
My second novel to be published, and my first to become a movie--A Wish for Giants was a huge success. No, it hasn't won lots of awards nor has it cleaned house at the box office. I call it a success because it was something that I envisioned for the novel and it became a reality. The more I delve into the world of independent film making the more I become aware that many such projects conceived never take off past the planning stages or they simply don't get finished.
Throughout the process of making A Wish for Giants, I've met some great people who I plan to work with in the future on other projects. Additionally, I have many more unpublished novels that will be on bookshelves one day and perhaps on film as well.
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First film project a success.
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