Experiencing Interruptions?


The immersive video-performance AURORA is our first milestone in our research around the holographic as a reality in suspension that transgresses the physical limits of space.

- How could the holographic be the materialization of a hybrid space between the corporeal and the virtual?
- What is the question about the body in virtuality?
- How to generate a virtual corporality?

Gravitating these questions we developed the proposal of a video-performance where the audience is submerged in an immersive experience, inhabiting a hybrid territory of corporeality and virtuality. In order to manage the problems that arise in the holographic as a fusion of the real and the virtual, we work with ChromaDepth lenses, which diffract any light source into color planes, this conditions the sensous perspective of the audience that, added to the light and sound qualities of the piece generate an experience that crosses different perceptual planes.
In these aspects that compose AURORA an hybridization space is generated between the notions of the real, the virtual, the corporeal and the material. Like a corporal study on the movement of holographic as a path of light that appears through the shiny surfaces emerging as the territory of this process, simulating the qualities of leaves in relation with light and suspension we wonder how we’re crossed by the holographic dynamics of luminosity and how these are transferred to a material presence.

This research takes place in an urgent discussion around the edges of the relational process between the body and the digital age, a question about where is experience located?

AURORA is a research started in 2019 developed in residence within different creative spaces such as: NAVE Residency and Creation Centre (Chile), ARSENIC Center d'art scenique contemporain (Switzerland), Centro Cultural La Paz 492 (Chile) and Oficinas METEORO (Chile).

  • Carla Bolgeri
  • Francisco Marín
  • Carla Bolgeri
  • Francisco Marín
  • Carla Bolgeri
  • Francisco Marín
  • Carla Bolgeri
    Lead Artists
  • Francisco Marín
    Key Collaborators
    Sound Artist
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Other
  • Completion Date:
    April 19, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    2,800 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Premiere in Centro NAVE
    August 19, 2021
    Centro NAVE
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    Country: Chile
Director Biography - Carla Bolgeri, Francisco Marín

BOLGERI & MARÍN is an artist duo formed by Carla Bolgeri (IT-CL) and Francisco Marín (CL); they research and produce in the field of performance, music and visual arts. Their immersive performances work with sound, body and visuality as interconnected physical entities that, being in the process of movement, transform space and reality. During more than 14 years of working together, they have developed a methodology deployed in their creative processes of musical composition that now moves towards a speculative mood of relationships and affects between sound, body, matter and space. Exploring towards extra-human perspectives, their performances expand in the form of immersive experiences that overflow the perceptible space, appealing to an onto / eco-logical empathy between humans and the non-humans.

In 2018 they carried out a residency at NAVE Creation and Residency Center (CL) and after this process they premiered VOCALS their fisrst piece as a duo. In 2019 VOCALS was selected to participate in the 40th version of the Ars Electronica Festival in the city of Linz, Austria. In 2019 they start a new research around the idea of sound as a force of movement, as a result of this they carry out a residency at _Un Espacio, Contemporary Architecture and Sculpture Center and presented the immersive performance M.A.S.S. (Massive Attack Sound System).

In October 2019, they were selected by Dance Umbrella and the British Council to participate in a Visiting Artists residency at the Dance Umbrella Festival, London, England. Then in December 2019 a residency is held at Arsenic - Center d'art scénique contemporain, Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition, in 2020 they created and produced the audio performance UNISON, a sound piece made as part of the Lo Fi project, an experimental exchange program for artists from Chile and the UK and supported by Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile, the British Council and Dance Umbrella Festival (UK).

In January 2021 they held a research residency at Oficinas METEORO Contemporary Art Center (CL) where they worked with the relationships between water and light and then they presented an opening to the public of this process.

Between 2019-2021 they developed the AURORA research, this work was embodied in an immersive 3D video-performance that was premiered at NAVE Creation and Residency Center.

Actually BOLGERI & MARÍN are developing their new research “In the edge, the shore” working in residency at NAVE Creation and Residency Center and at Oficinas Meteoro Contemporary Art Center. This research is being supported by a co-production of PROHELVETIA (CH) - ARSENIC (CH) - NAVE (CL).

In addition, the artists have collaborated in pop music projects since 2008 with which they have edited a series of albums; CASIEL: EP (2008) - SURVEY TEAM: Suriname LP (2012), Split EP (2013), Premonición LP (2016) - GRAMMA: Canción Malvada LP (2019), Zimbabwe SINGLE (2020). Currently they form the duo GRAMMA (FUTURA label) where they experiment with alternative electronics and experimental pop.

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