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"Augs" is a Cyberpunk film that takes place in a world where humanity must fuse their bodies with cybernetic limbs in order to survive.

  • Derrick Benton
    Wasted Talent
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    Screenplay, Treatment, Other
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    Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Action, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Derrick Benton

Born in Brooklyn, NY on May 1st, 1996. Derrick first picked up a pen and started writing since he was 14 years old. It wasn't until years later where he would find his talent in screenwriting. He attended the State University of New York at Oswego. Where he was praised for his writing talent, winning outstanding dramatic screenplay in 2018.

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Writer Statement

Augs is Sci-fi fantasy, that takes place in the near future, where humanities alliance with technology make us inseparable from one another. In some ways the technology make us better it elevates us. Unlocks a whole new world of possibilities. While other ways it controls us, changing our culture, in turn controls how we live our life.

Augs tells the story of a woman trying to find her place in this changing world. She is not only fighting for her survival and control over her life. Through her eyes you see the gritty and dark result of a world oppressed by a warlord obsessed with technology and progress and uses it to control his people