Private Project

A Teen’s Death

A and B are close friends since childhood. They suffered from school violence, and unexpectedly, B died in the incident. Then A finds B’s father, and confessed sins to him. This film themed on Against School Bullying for all the teenagers. Centered with "Father of my dead friend and I", it tells a story of redemption.
Yu Ming and Lu Ang are close friends since childhood. Lu Ang’s father,Lu Tu, has a terminal illness. Lu Tu hopes that Yu Ming can take care of Lu Ang and help him to hide this secret. For a while, Yu Ming does not know how to face Lu Ang, and he does not know whether to tell Lu Ang the truth, but he could only hide from him. In a violent incident on campus, they saved Zheng Wanhe, a transferred student, and three became friends since then. Zheng Wanhe gradually fall in love with Lu Ang,but Lu Ang refused her love. On that night after the final exam, Yu Ming and Lu Ang are retaliated by the gangsters at the seaside. Lu Ang sends to the hospital, but unfortunately, he dies from invalid rescue. Hearing this, Zheng Wanhe jumps from the building and kills herself. Yu Ming finds Lu Ang’s father, and begins his path of repentance. Finally, At the advice of Yu Ming’s mother, they reconcile, and Lu Tu forgives Yu Ming. Lu Tu give Yu Ming a relic,it’s Lu Ang’s dairy.When Yu Ming open the dairy,he found that Lu Ang love him,and Lu Ang is ready to express his love by the sea the nexy day. And the night was the night he was killed.

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    Experimental, Feature, Short, Student, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    18 minutes 15 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 29, 2020
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