The ATHICA Micromedia Fest is a juried showcase of very short animated and photographic media objects (animated GIFs, Vine videos, and one-minute-or-less videos), shown in gallery kiosks and scheduled screenings. The GIF and Vine microformats are now responsible for democratizing the short form video across the Internet, in which average people can easily create and proliferate micromedia in order to engage, enlighten, and entertain. Micromedia bring together the spontaneity of participative culture and the aesthetics of digital artistic practice in a radical recontextualization of what it means to make and experience art.

Best in Show $100
Best GIF $25
Best Vine $25
Best One-Minute-Or-Less Video $25
Audience Choice $25

Entries are in the form of video links (Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, or other host) or links to animated GIFs. Up to three files can be submitted in a category for the entry fee of $10.00, which goes to sustain the gallery. All files must be made available online for judging through FilmFreeway. Please do not submit files that include material to which you don't own the copyright. Copyright remains with the artist but ATHICA has the right to exhibit the selected works in multiple events and venues for the duration of the exhibit, March 31, 2016 - April 9, 2016 and the right to exhibit the selected works online at the ATHICA website and in promotional materials. Artists will be credited. No materials will be returned. No refunds will be made for entry fees. Prizes will be awarded in five categories based on the jury's selection.