A Sterling Performance

A Sterling Performance is an observational and Participatory documentary of length 12 minutes 09 seconds. Its main objective is to show how the theatre performers prepare themselves, on every single detail to present it in show in a realistic and thoughtful way. Moreover, its aim is to make people or audiences to know the creative field of theatre play, we should be there rather than by signing up to Tec giants Netflix and Amazon.
The documentary has the footages of all the cast performing rehearsals, practicing lines and expressions, body movements and animations they create and the final show. Apart from that, there are interviews of all the cast and the director along with the management personals.

  • sailesh sharma
  • sailesh sharma
  • Penni Hamilton Smith
    Key Cast
  • Esther Michelson
    Key Cast
  • David Lockwood
    Key Cast
  • Ben Proeve
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 9 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 31, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    500 AUD
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Director Biography - sailesh sharma

Sailesh Sharma is a 25 years old Nepalese veteran of the digital media world, currently living in Adelaide, Australia. He has completed his honors degree in Bachelor of Multimedia technology and about to graduate in Masters of Screen and media production from Flinders University. He has extensive experience in most of the areas of digital media including directing, cinematography,2D/3D animations, graphics designing and photography

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Director Statement

Stirling community theatre established at 1892 has been producing remarkable theatre shows from the local players group and in a way are preserving the theatre culture for the generation to come. The main thing that fascinated me for making this documentary was the dedication by many experienced actors towards the community theatre. Its free, with zero personal profit, still they put all their blood and sweat together to give a Sterling Performance.

When I first went to Stirling theatre, it was my first visit, I was completely new. I saw more than 15 people, most of them actors and others crew members, all dedicated for the production. I thought it should have a big funding or budget that is why they are working these hard, but later I knew it was a community theatre, where they don’t earn a single cent. They do these shows because they love it. Then from the very moment I wanted to research on theatre via my camera and filmmaking aspect. I did the thorough research and decided to make a documentary related to it.

A Sterling performance is my first film as a director and head of whole production, before this I have only worked as an editor or a crew member. It has helped me to be more creative and professional and I take all the positive things that this project has taught me, to build my career as a filmmaker.