'A Short Night' is a chance to showcase your talent as an up and comer in the Atlanta film scene.

There are many talented independent actors, directors, cinematographers, etc, in the Atlanta area. What's hard is getting exposure.
This is a red carpet event designed to get your talent and your work more exposure.
Each short film is no longer than 5 minutes. There will be scary films, dramatic films, and everything in between. If you're an independent filmmaker, this event is designed for you.

Don't miss this opportunity for a midnight premier, red carpet event.

Films submitted will be screened and selected by our selection committee. The committee decides on the participants who are shown at the premier.
While the Films does not have to be of professional quality, the selection committee will screen for a quality that is acceptable for a movie theater. (High quality sound)

Aspect Ratio 16:9 Widescreen

Films should be no longer than 5 minutes in length, including credits. Films that are longer than 5 minutes will not be accepted.
All contents and genres are acceptable (except for any advertisements) as long as they do not contain explicit material, (e.g. pornography,)
All content in film should be the property of the owner of the film, or they must have expressed permission to use any material that they do not own. All videos should be majority English. If any other language is spoken in the film, subtitles must accompany.

On premier night, the selected films will be played in front of a live audience. Our goal is to get exposure to your film. Premier night will be a red carpet event.