About The SFEF--What To Expect?: SFEF was created to find and promote…films from new and upcoming local talent…with the expressed purpose of exposing their work to the world. Our festival seeks to provide a fertile platform for networking among filmmakers/actors, in addition to panel discussions featuring working professionals, Q&A…and of course…film exhibition. This event will ultimately benefit Free Will Organization, www.Freewillorg.org works with teens by giving them opportunities with hands on experiences ranging from agriculture studies/observation, instructional video/photography workshops, team challenges and sports competitions, basics in cooking/food preparation and health/nutritional programs and much

We will have First place for best short film $500, Second $250 and Third place other prizes. We will also have a raffle - GoPro, Golf and Sky tickets, Red Lobster cards, etc....and trophies, everyone gets a raffle ticket with their purchase/donation of their pass.

A) This website is owned and operated by Short Film Experience Festival (SFEF). Once submitting your film entry to SFEF, you agree to allow us to share, market and promote audio/visual clips of and from your film and/or photos of your work, including titles and poster art; including images of your cast and/or crew, or you yourself--the creator of said work.

B) All contestants must be 18 years or older.

C) Producers/directors/creators of film(s) hereby acknowledged that they own and/or have the rights to display and distribute said movie(s)--and any necessary actor/model releases as related to your cast.

D) Further, contestants agree to waive any and all future legal claims against SFEF, with no exceptions.

E) No explicit or illegal materials will be accepted into competition—such as pornographic images…or any materials, which feature the harm of animals or other illegal actions.

F) You hereby state and acknowledge that if using stock footage, stock music, or stock sound effects/foley…that you have the authorized right to use such content either by way of paid licensing or via creative commons usage and/or via public domain.

G) Submission Fee: Free

H) All films submitted to the festival must be 25 minutes or less in length…with an advised length of 15-20 minutes.

I) Ownership/Copyright & Trademark Rights: We require participating films and their reps to have all necessary rights and releases fully and legally secured, or said works and their creators will not be allowed to participate in our festival as exhibitors.

J) By no means does submitting your film, guarantee that your film will be accepted to compete in our awards selection process…or receive exhibition at the festival screening.

K) Contestants must submit a movie trailer for their film entries. It is advised that you keep your trailers short in running time. A film poster is also required with your film submission, this will allow our festival to provide you with wider promotional and marketing coverage. Try to keep poster art...in line with professional movie posters as released by major film studios. Posters must be a Hi-Res image.

L) Once you submit your information below we will send you a link to dropbox your movie file. If you are picked to participate in SFEF, we will contact you with further details.