A Search for the Muse

inspired by the writings of Laurence G. Boldt and the Greatest Writers in the World

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Writer Biography

Mike Messier has won 65 awards in the entertainment industry.

As an Actor, Messier has shared scenes with Meryl Streep & Elisabeth Shue (in Hope Springs), Wesley Snipes, Cybill Shepherd & Mario Van Peebles (in Hard Luck), Richard Jenkins & Frances McDormand (in Olive Kitteridge), and Eric Roberts and Jason London (in Mr. Birthday).

Messier contributed as a screenwriter to the horror film The Manor (released by Lionsgate), co-starring in the same film as doomed hillbilly hunter Ole Bayton. Mike was also a script consultant on the boxing documentary Lennox Lewis - The Untold Story.

Disregard the Vampire - A Mike Messier Documentary and The Impeccable are among the more popular videos on 1 Man and a Camera Films YouTube Channel. Messier Mantra is Mike's interview show with up-and-coming models, actors, filmmakers, holistic healers, and musicians.

Mike's passion for writing has led him to write stage plays, screenplays, poetry, and novels.
He is also the creator of the Avalonia Festival of Short Films etc and the Avalonia Photography Competition.

Mike was born in Virginia. He has lived in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, and Florida at various times in his life.

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