A Savior's Dream

The horns,
Do I hear the sound of the calm,
It's getting torn, apart,
The days have come,
Oh my love, my destiny, took you so long
To knock on my door.
The sky,
The one with a million little diamonds
Now has cracks, as the heavens fall,
She's wide awake,
Doesn't it seem, she had seen this all before,
Yes I'm sure...
The sounds,
They bring back stories of the time,
When there was a home,
Where a child could hide from his fears,
For he knew he will return with a smile
And say, "A warrior never cries"...
The walls,
That guarded the pride of a fabled man,
Who led the war and slayed hundreds
Still stand there,
Rusted by the time, and stained
With a traitor's name...

A tale of pride meanders by the divide
Where a million names fade into the dawn,
A trail of blood and tears follows behind,
A quiet shame, no one has ever shown...

Only time, can show who you really are
And what is there for you
That you have to pay
You don't have a say, you never did
At all, you can not cry...
The time,
That we spent in a daze, just a traitor's son
Being stuck in a random phase
Qhen there's no hope, no pride,just a useless life to fight,
And a chance, shall I have to try..
The time has come to fight the war,
For the crown, that once he pledged to die for,
Oh this stain, this mark of cowardice
Won't remain, if I die...
That mistake,
Turned our lives upside down,
When a merchant of death chose to save
A peasant life from the other side,
Bit the hands, that fed him all these years,
They said, but was it right....

With all those blames that self contradict
I wonder, what is right.....

A tale of pride meanders by the divide
Where a million names fade into the dawn,
A trail of blood and tears follows behind,
A quiet shame,
All the bondings
To hold me
Every concept
You told me
The Armageddon of lies
You've never shown....

A cut to the right, a cut to the left,
The fourteenth day show me what you've kept,
As one goes down like a setting sun
I feel so proud, Oh there's another one ?
Shall I have more fun with rest assured
I'll chop some limbs if I got bored,
What smells so nice ? Oh it's running blood,
Should I taste it out, see it's good or bad ?
Well that's no thing of my usual self,
Am I going down ? Do I need a help ?
Oh, that's so cruel , it isn't fair,
I love you me, you've just got me there,
This endless swing of swords just
Makes me t...i...r...e..d...
When all this ends I'll be the man
Who insp...i....r...e..s..
That boy is trying hard but he will
But is it really a boy or just a child ?

A boy with a broken sword,
As if a tulip on a rusted coffin
Fights to see the end of it all,
What a coward kingdom to throw
A little child into the war...
Falling on his knees,
Seems he can't tske it any longer, as if
Scared to his inner core,
Should a sudden conflict of kings be
The reason he'll die for...

Where children's fate are royal baits
Ain't a place where I belong,
At the moment did I comprehend
That she said "He wasn't wrong"...
I've taken lives that doesn't count but
I'll save a life for once,
So run for a future when you can, Boy,
There's your second chance...

A hundred wars and battlescars
Bring pride for a crooked mind,
It's all unfair for the one who dares,
Be an outcast, scared or kind...
He had sworn to me to never fight a war
As I felt a warm goodbye,
And I won't face what my father did,
To my pride, I must die.

  • Oracle's Eye
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    10 minutes 55 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 22, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Officially formed in January 2022 Oracle's Eye is a Neoclassical Symphonic Progressive Mathcore band from India, the very first of its kind. Being conceptualised as a Prog Project in around August 2020 by the vocalist and drummer, during the worldwide pandemic the group evolved to be what it is now with two more members and got it's current name.

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Artist Statement

Following the musicalities of bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, TOOL, The Aristocrats, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, The Dillinger Escape Plan; we aim to form our own signature combining Modern Mathcore with the escence of Neoclassical melodies and Symphonies presented through fine extensive storytelling that revolves around untouched corners of human psychology, self contradictory morals of the society, alternate outcomes of historical events and much more weird stuff like that, giving an overall sense of conflict with some pronounced uplifting moments here and there, making the compositions structurally twisted and awkwardly interesting and melodic at the same time.