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Genre: fantasy Comedy

The intergalactic Council believes that the inhabitants of Earth are very aggressive and for this reason pose a threat to the entire Cosmos. The decision was made to destroy the Earth. Astronaut Ion disagrees. He goes to Earth and promises to show proof that the inhabitants of Earth can change.

Ruslan and Tanya were going to a dance competition. They fell behind the train and found themselves at a mysterious railway station. A strange woman gives them advice, and they go to the Island.

On the Island, astronaut Ion falls into a time trap. He needs to find an ancient space portal to return home.
Ruslan and Tanya are ready to help him and go on a search.

A strange woman spies on them. She plans to kidnap Ion and use him for experiments. She unsuccessfully tries to make Ruslan her accomplice.

Astronaut Ion gets sick. The fate of him and the entire planet is in danger. Ruslan tries to cure Ion. Tanya goes to search for a space portal.

Ion is recovering. He tells Ruslan the ancient secret of the Earth about the cosmic ancestors of man.

Tanya completed the task: she found the entrance to the space portal.
Ruslan and Tanya say goodbye to Ion.

They give Ion their mobile phones.
Ion leaves Earth and returns to the Intergalactic Council.
Members of the Intergalactic Council watch videos from their phones, they like everything. They are ready to reverse the decision to destroy Earth.

But... one bad joke from the phone, and the Intergalactic Council decides to destroy Earth.

Ion is desperate. He offers to watch the wonderful dance of Tanya and Ruslan. The dance all members of the Intergalactic Council like, they vote, and the Earth is saved! The strange woman turned out to be a special space agent. She helped Ion arrange a difficult test for Tanya and Ruslan! Ion received proof that the inhabitants of the Earth are capable of altruism, self-sacrifice, and love.

Tanya and Ruslan did not get to the dance competition, but they passed the tests, were able to change, and believed in themselves.
They saved the Earth.

  • Kulagina Natalia
  • Kulagina Natalia
  • IP Kulagina
  • Tanya Egorova
    Key Cast
    "Tanya "
  • Ruslan Gladyshev
    Key Cast
    "Ruslan "
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Ложка звездной пыли
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Feature, Web / New Media
  • Genres:
    Фантастика, романтика, комедия, тревел
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 55 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    February 2, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    1 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
    Russian Federation
  • Country of Filming:
    Russian Federation
  • Language:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • New York Movie Awards

    Award Winner, Experimental Film
  • Wallachia Int'l Film Festival

    Award Winner,Experimental Film
  • American Golden Picture International Film Festival

    Award Winner,Best Child Actor (Boy or Girl)
  • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

    Award Winner,Mobile Film (Any length)
  • Aryan International Children's Film Festival of Jaipur INDIA

    Award Winner,Feature Fiction
  • Cult Critic Movie Awards Cult Critic Movie Awards

    Award Winner,Award Winner
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest

    Award Winner,Mobile Film (Any length)
  • Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival

    Award Winner,Best Film of the Year Award
  • Accord Cine Fest

    Accord Cine Fest, Best Sci-Fi Feature
  • Madras Independent Film Festival

    Award Winner, Award Winner
  • Indo Global International Film Festival

    Award Winner,Feature Film
  • Anatolia International Film Festival

    Finalist,Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature Film
  • Venice Film Awards - Monthly Competition Venice Film Awards - Monthly Competition

    Finalist, Experimental Film
  • Florence Film Awards

    Finalist,Experimental Film
Director Biography - Kulagina Natalia


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Director Statement

With joy and excitement, I present my film "A SPOONFUL OF STARDUST".
There is an opinion that the film needs a large budget.
I made up a story and made a movie on my mobile phone. The budget is zero.
My goal is to prove that the main thing for the film is the story, not the budget.
I hope that you will like the result of the experiment.

Sincerely, Natalia Kulagina