*Please, read carefully the festival description before applying

ART SPEAKS OUT on COP 28 - United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023!

Once again, we are launching #ArtSpeaksOut, an open call for all visionary artists and filmmakers who are deeply passionate about ecology and sustainability.

We invite you to be part of a groundbreaking initiative organized this year by ikonoTV and Pluc.TV to shape the future of our planet. It's time to unleash your creative genius and join the climate revolution by submitting your artistic video work to impact, influence, and inspire change.

Selected films will be streamed on ikonoTV, Pluc.TV, seen at the Dubai Airport, and COP28 in Dubai—an international stage where your work will captivate influential decision-makers (30th November to 12th December 2023).
Your art has the potential to inspire them to take concrete actions for a sustainable tomorrow. Together, let's create a future where nature thrives and harmony is restored.

Imagine the power your art holds—the ability to ignite real change in the hearts and minds of decision-makers. We offer you a unique platform to showcase your creative vision for a greener and brighter world. We're looking for captivating short artistic films that communicate without the need for dialogue, films that are wholly focused on ecology and bursting with creative expression.

Frame by frame, let's change the game! Together, we can transform the world with the power of art. Join us on this remarkable journey. Use the hashtags #ArtSpeaksOut and #COP28Dubai to spread the word and inspire fellow artists to join the movement.

Submit your ecological masterpiece today! 🌍🎬💚

Final works will be selected by our team with the help of the guest curators.
Only 16:9/landscape format videos will be accepted as all will be displayed on TV screens. Any project can be submitted such as old or/and new production, excerpt or row footage from a documentary re-edited as contemplative video.

By submitting a video, you accept the Terms & Conditions hereafter.
Artists remain always the copyright holder.
ikonoTV (Markevitch Media GmbH) will not monetise the video work without an agreement between the parties.

By submitting a registration file, the applicant authorizes ikonoTV (Markevitch Media GmbH):
- to publicly present all selected films or videos within the context and duration of the COP for one screening or more in physical or virtual venues;
- to reproduce the film or video submitted for purposes of conservation, archiving, consultation and research.
- to make the films or videos submitted available to stream online on the ikonoTV website
- to use images and trailers for promotional purposes on social media and press one month before, during, and one month after the COP.

By submitting a registration file, the applicant attests and guarantees that they possess all the necessary rights and authorizations, including the usage rights. By submitting a registration file, the applicant attests and guarantees that:
- the film, video, or work submitted are original works and in no way contravene any third-party rights or are the subject of litigation, either ongoing or anticipated.
- the content is original and does not constitute a copy
- the content does not violate laws or public morals
- not to infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties.
- not to disseminate any content or propaganda that may be racist, xenophobic, pornographic, or discriminatory, glorification of terrorism, or a violation of human rights.
-not to disseminate any content that may incite violence.
-not to disseminate content that incites, shows, or advocates any type of animal abuse.
-not to disclose content that undermines any rights of a minor.
-not to disseminate, transmit or make available any type of information, elements, or contents that may violate the human rights and fundamental freedoms of a third party constitutionally recognised in international treaties.
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- do not publish any explicitly sexual content.
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- not to commit fraud or use the Service in a manner that could reasonably be considered evidence of fraud.

The management of this Open Call reserves the right to adjudicate all cases not covered by the present Regulations.