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Time period: 1969-1984, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
A pair of bread delivery guys decide to become policemen in a middle size coal town in northeast Pennsylvania during the Viet Nam war era with anti-war peace marches, cities burning, and Nixon president. The senior partner in this story is ego driven and wants to succeed at any cost while the junior partner sticks with him by giving unheeded precautionary advice. The two become embroiled in politics working undercover by infiltrating the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and having set up its leader for a drug bust, President Nixon takes notice of a NYTimes (& other newspapers) front page layout of the drug bust and decides to award the main character (senior partner) an award, of course the junior partner goes along for support. Nixon, enamored with Falcone (senior partner) has both drafted into the secret service for Nixon’s personal needs and aggrandizement. Meanwhile, Falcone and Dondy have been working to solve a murder of a hooker that helped save a female friend of Falcone’s (from when he was a bread delivery man) and was now caught up in a prostitution raid where she was having a one night stand with her boss. Falcone rises to the “top rung” of the NAP (National Association of Police) by becoming its president in 1984 but President Reagan noticed his elevation and decides he may need Falcone and his partner Dondy to help out with a gun deal for prisoners with the Iran-Contras, he sends Oliver North to fetch them after the swearing in ceremony at Falcone’s big night at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Story is a drama/comedy. Much local colloquialisms (Wilkes-Barre, Pa).

  • Charles Petrilla
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Writer - Charles Petrilla