An animal-themed film
The Aporia International Village Film Festival and Busan International Animal Film Festival will hold a special contest for animal-themed movies(Short/ feature/plays/ docu/Ani)
Recruitment deadline 31 October 2021

Please attach the SRT English file separately when submitting it.
(Even if there are English subtitles in the video, it's separate.)

It is held regularly in the village from time to time, 365 days a year.
The biggest feature is that people in the village make movies and watch movies together.

Beyond industry and art, it's a movie of harmony.
Local film festival where people and movie people make and watch movies together during film festival
The world's first international film festival with a village theme.

It is held in a small village near the border of Korea divided by ideology.
bimonthly (or irregularly) is held for the last three days and the last month of each year is held for 19 days.
During the festival, the movie will be made with the villagers and released on the last day of the festival.
Not just watching a movie, but making and watching it together like this.
For 20 years, I have been making a story of a small village with the residents.
The theater is being built in the village where the residents live and the local movies in Korea are being made with the value that the living people should have a play.

A film made by a professional filmmaker and a film made or participated in by living people will be screened. Art, installation, and performance artists will also gather in a small village.

It will feature short and long dramas and documentary films based on children, teenagers, the elderly and the community.

In the future, if you send me your first short debut of an Asian and African film director, I would like to select one and arrange a dialogue program with the director (online).
It should be a movie that people under 19 can watch.

Winning a movie about community, war, community and individual problems, old people and children

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Student Film
Apo-ria Village Award selected by the village elders and children
Best Minor Actor Award for Minor Actors(We don't have any prize money, but we're preparing it.)

Local films from all over the world are invited to accommodate and serve meals.
During the festival, in a small village in Korea,
The short but friendly of the invited directors about the village staying in Korea.
A movie is made.
I invite directors from all over the world.
The film will be previewed with residents.
One-man directors who make representative local films of each country that submits films will be given residency rights to filmmakers around the world.
It's kind of a film Olympics.

But if they are not invited due to Covid-19, they will gather directors from all over the world online and be held at the online film Olympics.
Currently, 629 works from more than 70 countries have been submitted (as of August 10, 2021)
August 31st is the deadline!

It will be held at 10 village theaters including Inje, Seoul, Daegu, Jinan and Jeju Island.
Low-budget independent films need to prepare for a new strategy.
In order to survive the OTT trend of Netflix and Corona 19, the company calls for co-hosting global and small international film festivals.
Co-planning and concurrent hosting in small areas within a period of time.
We need to build a global cinematic alliance.
Korea's Apporia International Village Film Festival held the Covid 19 Special Film Festival in seven cities and villages (May).
It will be held from December 15th to January 15th.
The latest, longest, most in life, most New Year's Day.
Within that period, the screening date and venue are selected according to each region.