The Tools For After organization, in collaboration with ONN Creators, launches a call for the selection of thematic short films. Tools For After is a non-profit cultural event, an ideas lab on the new imaginary of Anthropocene. Designers, architects, writers, musicians, video makers and artists are imagining a map of the scenarios that await us and the tools to face them. Everyone can contribute to the map.
Step 1: imagine the scenario. Step 2: design the tools. All steps are a challenge for those who work with the imaginary, in particular for the video makers: which are the scenarios that are growing in the Anthropocene era?
A work which starts from a scenario of the Anthropocene transformations is required. Every short film must originate from one or more keywords linked to the new imaginary of the Anthropocene. The words can be proposed by the author or be chosen from these examples: IMAGINE / STORY / DEEP TIME / FRAGMENTED TIME / EXTINCTION / COLLAPSE / CRISIS / ANIMAL / BODY / WALK / RHYTHM / TRANSFORMATION / SELF–SUFFICIENCY / SELF-DETERMINATION / MISTERY / ANIMISM / UTOPIA / UCRONIA / GROUP / SHELTER / COSMOPOESIS / MYTHOPOESIS / WATERS / DESERTS / PLANTS / OTHER INTELLIGENCES.

Tools For After is a international cultural event. Selection criteria take into consideration the following aspects: theme affinity, originality of the work and technical/artistic qualities. The selection is run by the organization TFA in collaboration with a jury made of experts from several sectors, such as cinematographic, scientific/academic, theatrical and literary. The names of jury members will be published on TFA website before the delivery date. All jury’s decisions are irrevocable. The final decisions on controversial cases are up to the Organization. The results will be published on TFA website within 15th July 2020. The selected works can participate to the next step of TFA project, create inspirational material for the participants and can be showed in virtual and live festivals and event related to TFA project. The selected works will be available for viewing on the organization’s media and can be voted by the web public. The second step will close on September 30th.

The participation is free, all genres of short films are allowed (fiction, documentaries, animation, video art/experimentation), no matter the nationality or year of production; the only two restrictions are that the works must be coherent with the contest’s themes and they should preferably be max. 15 minutes.
The short films can be shoot in all languages with English subtitles. The delivery will take place on the website, no later than 30th June.
If the organization doesn’t receive the file within the above-mentioned date, the author cannot join the contest.
The author and/or the production team while filling the application form are accepting this regulation and claim that:
- They are the short film’s author/s;
- They own all the rights for the use of videos and audios in the work.
The author/s and/or the production team allow the publication of data (title, summary, duration, cast/crew) and of their short film on the website, social media, books or catalogues and also on all of the organization’s media. The author/s and/or the production team allow the possible assembly of an extract of the short film for TFA’s project purposes.
Through the subscription of the application form, the author/s and/or the production team renounce irrevocably to every request or compensation towards jury’s members, the organizers and also all people involved in the contest since they do not have any responsibility.
Joining this contest, the author/s and/or the production team allow the processing of personal data (Italian law 675/96) involved in the works and in complementary materials.
The organization has the right to interrupt or cancel the Call if necessary. The author/s and/or the production team allows the organization to archive the short films which will be listed and available for possible shows and festivals promoted by the organization for cultural reasons, not for profit purposes (unless otherwise specified at the moment of application).
The participation to the contest implicates the approval of the whole regulation.
This regulation is written both in Italian and English: in case of misinterpretations, the Italian version shall be used. According to the Italian law 196/03 all data will be used only for TFA purposes.