We tell stories, we celebrate storytellers, we invite all of our friends to come together and share their art which feeds us all whether it's art, photography, music, film, theater or more awesome creative inspirational manifestations. We are a story powered community sharing what matters most to us with the rest of the world. We believe stories matter and art can change the world. We honor the legacy of actor/ artist Dennis Hopper and give out our highest award each year to an artist who reflects creative brilliance. Last year, this award was presented to Viggo Mortensen who said: "This is the most unpretentious festival and awards ceremony I've ever been a part of. This is the place the real artists will be going to more and more." We are founded by filmmakers and artists and continue to create a community that fosters support, collaboration and vision. Join us, build with us.

Yes, there will be awards and recognition for our artists.

No pornographic material. No stolen material even if you are a famous actor who believes your idea was inspired by the work of another. Don't be a jerk. Be willing to support your colleagues. Contribute to the community any way you are able. Share. Play nice. No throwing sand in other kids eyes or doing anything inappropriate on the playground. Be cool. No stealing. Be sincere. Be genuine. Strive for originality. Don't lie. Act in good faith. Be a resource to your community. Be kind to our staff and those involved with supporting the festival. Be a badass at what you do and help others that want to do the same. Give back. Help the next generation of artists and filmmakers.