AMERITA (Screenplay)

Meritism, a dystopian nightmare for the upper-class but a new utopian society for the working-class. In AMERITA, hard-work and productivity are the new currency. A Merit Agent veteran, loyal to AMERITA and loyal to his family, is tasked with uncovering the Capitalists plans to overthrow the new society. The decisions he must make will challenge his loyalties, and his teenage daughter must learn to live with the consequences.

Based on the novel, AMERITA -

  • Martin T Medina
  • Luke T Medina
  • Dan LaTourette
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  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Political Thriller
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Martin T Medina, Luke T Medina, Dan LaTourette

Our Sci-Fi novel, AMERITA, is one of many father/son bucket lists items we can now check as complete.

Luke, my 15 year old son, had been on the heart transplant list. He had an extremely rare life-threatening heart disease called Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. I decided several years ago to do everything in my power to help my son pursue every unique passion, every crazy idea, every obscure interest, everything that he has ever dreamed of doing.

Our book idea came to us when Luke was 12 and we were on a Disney vacation. One of our many intellectual conversations of a various topics started when the question was posed, “What if a family’s ability to enjoy a Disney vacation depended on how hard the parents work and not on how much money they earned?” We spent much of that week building a world through conversation where this notion would be possible.

Then Luke said to me, “We should write a Sci-Fi novel about this.” And another item was added to our father/son bucket list.

While writing together, I focused on the not as exciting aspects, character development and world building. Luke wrote the fun stuff, the action scenes and fighting sequences. I remember clearly his first contribution to the writing, he said, “Dad, we have to start the book with an action sequence.” Then he snagged my laptop for the next two days and we had our opening scene. He went on to write the vault scene, the masquerade party, the Underground, the mugging, and thousands more words that breathed action-filled life into the story.

The last third of the book was written in 4 weeks; we were in the “Flow”. For days we argued over how the story would end and the events that would lead to the demise or triumph of our hero. We would break out the Lego mini-figures and act out the sequence of events. We would physically act out the fight scenes. Eventually we found the ending we both loved.

We spent a few more months receiving feedback from focus groups, plugging plot-holes, and having our work professionally edited for grammar, spelling, and consistency. We released the novel for Kindle and in paperback on November 1, 2016 through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and in August 2017 we released the audiobook version through

This past summer we moved onto our next father/son bucket list item…AMERITA, The Movie! Three rounds of revisions later, and now we're ready to send the screenplay to Hollywood!

The screenplay holds a very special place in our bucket list. Ever since the 2nd grade, Luke has been planning to move to Hollywood and become a famous actor. Now a High School Sophomore, he has been in 18 theater productions and performed with his vocals and guitar for many audiences. His fervor for acting and performing keeps him pressing forward. His passion for writing and interest in directing are blossoming as well.

Luke is a healthy and active teenager. He received his heart transplant on April 3, 2018.

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