I am a shapeshifter by profession. Sometimes they pay me for my magic trick.
Amartya Ray is a direction and screenplay alumni from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). His directorial works:
- Portraits: 2020 (Fur gold lotus for best fiction PSBT challenge; 13th IDSFFK Official Selection; official selection at changing perspectives international film festival) - short fiction
- Our Mountain Valley Home (officially selection at Dharamshala International Film Festival 2020; 13th IDSFFK Official Selection) - short documentary
- SINKING (Diplom film; short fiction 24mins)
- Petrichor (Single Take short fiction project)
- Dhulo (FTII short fiction project)
He is currently co-creating a web drama and writing for his first feature. Alongside this he plans on making an experimental documentary mapping the monsoon during the lockdown.
Amartya is also a singer-songwriter and an actor. He has acted in three feature films, two of which have been released nationally and one still in production. He believes that the inter-disciplinary forms allow him to learn from each other and ultimately help in telling a better story.
Amartya wants to identify the “human” in today’s changing world through his narratives, images, sounds and mis-en-scene.
Official Selection in Main competition
Our Mountain Valley Home
International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala
Official Selection
Our Mountain Valley Home
Dharamshala International Film Festival
Film and Television Institute of India
Film Direction and Screenplay Writing
I am a shapeshifter by profession. Sometimes they pay me for my magic trick.
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