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Exhausted due to lack of sleep and in trauma, Amman rushes into his room filled with anger. Alcohol bottles and ashes are hiding under his bed. He goes to his study table and sweeps everything off. Including his medals and trophies, which he won all onto the floor. He stands there all alone looking down at everything that has fallen. A picture frame of him and his father falls to the ground along with everything. Amman breaks down falling to the ground, realizing he misses his father and feeling hopeless. He leans against the wall and holds on to the picture frame. He opens his eyes and he’s in the middle of the living room, filled with mannequins and his father laying on a bed in another section of the living room. Confused and scared of the situation he doesn’t know what to do. He bolts to his room shuts the door and jumps onto his bed. He sits there staring door as if someone is about to come in. His head starts filling with thoughts from all around making him feel paranoid, almost as if he’s losing his mind. The walls around him begin to shake and come closer, He looks around in fear and closes his eyes trying to convince himself that this is a dream and try to calm himself down. He opens his eyes and sees the mannequins around his bed and the walls around him come closer and closer, almost as if the room was falling apart with lamps and other things falling and breaking onto the floor. He looks around and screams at the top of his lungs the walls are so close to him as they are about to squish him, midway we hear a knocking on the door, he stops screaming and notices that he’s sitting in the same meditation position and the room is untouched with the walls being back in place and the mannequins, not in sight, Ammanis out of breath and hears the knocking on the door again. He gets up and opens the door and sees his mother. She tells him to come to the hall and greet everyone and say goodbye to his father. Ammanwalks behind his mother looking like a complete mess. He walks into the living room noticing everyone there but doesn’t recognize anyone, He goes towards his father, looks down at him, and sees him at peace. He looks down at him and notices a tear drop coming from his eye. Ammanleapsback and yells that he is alive. But everyone looks at him as if he was crazy and ignored him. Two family members come in from the main door and take the body out of the house, Ammantries to convince them that his father is alive, he then approaches his mother and tries to convince her, but she slaps him across the face and him and tells him to behave himself. Ammanlooks around the room and sees everyone as mannequins, he looks back towards his mother but she’s nowhere to be seen. He looks back at the empty bed where his father was laying but he was gone... Ammanhears his voice and turns behind where he sees his father standing and looking at him in disappointment... The father talks to him and tells him to and take care of his mother and himself and make him proud by doing well in school and getting a good job. G looks at him and cries saying that he doesn’t know what to do and is lost, to which his father responds with don’t worry I will always be there for you and you’ve learned more than what I could teach you... the son sits on the ground and wonders how? Amman hugs his dad, when he looks back up, he sees his mother wiping his tears away. Ammannotices the people around him as they walk out of the house, and his father is nowhere to be seen.

  • Anshuman Johri
  • Samar Chotani
  • Samar Chotani
  • Shivam
    Key Cast
  • Disha
    Key Cast
  • Sanil
    Key Cast
  • Abhishek Pattnaik
  • Ajinkya Mane
  • Sangeet
  • Murnmayee
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes 33 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Whistling Woods International
  • Screened at FH-1 Auditorium, Whistling Woods International's
    November 23, 2021
Director - Samar Chotani