You are left alone
Out in a cold
Feeling the pain
In your broken heart

Slowly you`re fading
In your lonely home
Sometimes we all need
A friend to call

You have been fighting
Your own memories
Feeling so hopeless
In that broken home

And at the end of the day
Forget that Broken Heart
And there you need
Just a friend to call


We all need
We need a friend to call x4


We need
A friend to call x 4

(Verse 2)

See now you`re faded
Drinking alcohol
Smoking cigarettes
No more Gospel songs

Do you want to change
Or you want to stay there?
Now you need
A friend to call

So stop self blaming
You`ll be self a-shaming x2

And at the end of the day
Forget that broken heart
And there you need
Just a friend to call

We need a Friend to call


We need
A friend to call x 4

  • Yoel Mrisho
  • Wanted Carter
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    3 minutes 5 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 22, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
    Tanzania, United Republic of
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Wanted is a Tanzanian Electro House Music Producer and artist. He started making music on his friends laptops early at the age of 12 on FL STUDIO.
He later felt in love with music and started getting more skills from youtube tutorials. Days passed by and the streets started appreciating such a young talent.
The friends started calling him WANTED as he was a very multi talented young man. He could repair mobile phones in the streets, design robots, choir master, comedian, tuition teacher and at the same time doing his studies and managing to become the best student.
Wanted later felt the vibe of the Electronic Drum Music [EDM] and some tropical house songs. He started listening to artists like Kygo, Martin Garrix , David Gueta, Emnek , Said The Sky, Alan Walker, Sees , Embody: To mention a few, and felt like yes, I can do it. He started making music in Logic Pro X 13 and Ableton. After gaining basic skills, he decided to go for an Online music course where he focused on production of Deep House, Tropical House, EDM , Electro House and Dubset in Norway.
During his struggles, Wanted experienced a hard life as he was financially challenged. His father lost his job when he was in the second year of his Electrical Engineering University Studies at Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology in Tanzania. At this point Wanted started struggling on his own to get the money for fees and for living. He was working in two different companies and sad enough, he started experiencing oppositions. His co-worker who just came into the company as a volunteer overturned him and started humiliating this little boy and at last , reported to the boss who was in Sweden that Wanted was not performing his responsibilities but focused much on his music, thus he was kicked off.
During all this time he was seen just like a “COW” which had no say but just need to obey the orders and GRAZE AROUND EARTH`S PASTURES. Thus he suffixed his name with the word “COW” as a mark to his struggles towards breaking the chains and Creating History all around the Globe.
“Wanted The Cow” started making music in his Studio during late nights and going to the University with his bcycle during the day. He later started releasing hits with International Artists like the “LONELY” song , which he produced for an American Artist Yoe Male. He later started singing and making his own music and distributing to the International Online music Distribution Platforms like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Shazam , Youtube and Soundcloud where he started shining and flying like a shooting Star.

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