Welcome to People Helping People, "Arts & Entertainment, International Film Festival." A festival for Indie Filmmakers around the world, hosted and produced by Indie Filmmakers.

A&E Film Festival is a festival for filmmakers & other content creators, by filmmakers and content creators. Our goal is to offer all the opportunity to have their projects seen, acknowledged and promoted. We understand that without promotion and a place to exhibit your film, your project is a needle in a haystack.

Our festival will be both in person, digital and streaming as we recognize COVID still on exists and many want to play it safe. We hear you. ***If you do not want your film streamed on AppleTV, Roku & Amazon TV, just email us and if accepted, it will display in person and digitally on our website.

The Streaming portion of the festival can be exhibited on a TV, Laptop, Computer, iOs or Android cell Phone, iPad, Tablet, etc.


The festival will take place December 8th and 9th. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business and hosting events.

*** The Best Films scored with an 8-10 and meet our Guidelines below will be accepted & exhibit at the In-Person Special Event.

*** All accepted films will feature on our streaming and digital exhibit.

- Best Female Lead Actor
- Best Male Lead Actor
- Best Supporting Female Actor
- Best Supporting Male Actor
- Best Film
- Best Experimental Film
- Best Short Film
- Best Animation Film
- Best Web/Digital Series
- Best Trailer/Teaser
- Best Cinematography
- Best Director
- Best Editor

***Your must submit film to the festival AND submit for one or more of the categories


- 3 VIP Red Badges for filmmaker and 2 guest (inquire about more closer to date). Red Badge offers access into A&E screenings and events (workshops may not be included)

- Filmmaker access to VIP lounge to network with industry professionals and Streaming Distributor, where you can pitch & promote your present and future projects to our distribution partners, Catch COD, to be distributed & streamed on: FireTV, ROKU & AppleTV

- Add'l Discounted tickets for filmmaker's guests.

- 2 Seats Events: seminars, Masterclasses, Panel discussions or interviews with industry professionals

- Opportunity to win 1 or more Festival Awards
- Opportunity to win 1 or more Audience Choice Awards

We have partnered with Catch COD Streaming service (a distribution platform). Submitting to A&E Int'l Film Festival is an automatic submission to Catch COD www.CatchCOD.net where a rep will review your submission and contact you if interested in distributing your work on ROKU, FireTV, and AppleTV around the world.

*We maintain the right to make changes accordingly.


- Filmmaker(s) must be the owner of the submitted content

- A&E Film Festival accepts films from around the world.

- There is NO "Completed date of production" but if already accepted in 2022, not Eligible (unless you did not supply film, then you can re-submit)

- Must be at least 720 (Preferably1080HD). Films below 720 will be Disqualified.

- We look to Accept Films with: Good Film Quality, Good Audio, Good lighting, Good filmmaking. No social media videos, mystery or reels.

- Web/Digital series can submit up to two episodes - 30minutes Total and separated by their titles onscreen. Or you can submit separately

- No fee waivers as fees are a non-profit organization and rely on grants, donations, etc.

- MAKE YOUR FILM DOWNLOADABLE. If film is not downloadable after accepted into the festival, it may be disqualified without notice.

- You must supply all contact information on your submission

- You must add title, synopsis and other information for your film, series, etc.

- In submitting, You agree to promote your acceptance & festival Laurel AND the festival throughout, including days before the film festival. You also agree to the rules and terms within.

- All foreign films MUST have subtitles unless it is a silent film.

- Student Filmmakers must show a valid student i.d. to receive student discount & Awards (will be asked for i.d. upon acceptance)

- Our judges make a selection based on good: Story, Audio, Lighting, Film quality.

- Sexually Explicit content is NOT eligible, A&E Film Festival will disqualify immediately.

- Submitting to Awards does not mean you've submitted your film into film festival. You'd need to submit to both, which is why we made Awards fee reasonable.

- By submitting you agree that we (A&E) will use parts of the film for promotional reasons for the festival during and after festival for any promotions we or our afilliates exhibit, anywhere

- In Submitting you agree to all the rules, terms and guidelines and all below

- By submitting your film to PHP, A&E Film Festival, you are stating that you are the legal owner of the property and have full rights to submit it into the film festival. It also states that you give us permission to exhibit your film in the festival and in any marketing we do. A&E Film Fest will conduct in person, streaming and online digital exhibits throughout the year. Entries into our festival are also entries for each event, and permission to exhibit your content to one or more of our events, which works as a marketing tool for your content. This also includes entry into our affiliate, Catch Content on Demand www.CatchCOD.net a streaming distributor, who may contact you to partner distribution of your content on their platform via Roku, AmazonTV, AppleTV, iOS & Android. Also, submitting to this festival, you indemnify and hold harmless the People Helping People, Inc. and it's staff, partners and affiliates from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court), which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

(do not send original copies of content & COPYRIGHT, please)

Overall Rating
  • Mario Brkić

    I got "selected", after that not selected and then again selected. Couldn't find my film on the streaming site or any other page of this festival.
    Communication was a little bit broken and confusing, and till today I don't know what happened with my film, was it streamed or not.

    May 2023
  • Moonlight Media

    We’re thankful for them selecting our films “Feed”, “Shawnie” & “Daily Bread”, their communication was prompt & concise. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend due to the shooting schedule for one of our projects. We definitely plan on submitting next year.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    We enjoyed your submissions and have gotten great feedback from our viewers. We hope to see more of your content soon.

  • Jack Foley

    A&E is an excellent festival that offers much more than just film screenings. Held in an impressive venue at Rutgers University, the festival conducts seminars, panels, and opportunities for networking that few other festivals offer. It was an extremely positive experience that we hope to repeat in the future.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Heyyy Jack. You were a joy. We enjoyed your film and hope to see more from you this year.

  • Christian Smooth

    This was an amazing experience. I will definitely bring my next film here. Five Star Film Festival in the making!

    September 2022
  • Hamid Tamjidi

    Is this a secret film festival? Why you don’t update your social media and website? Where could filmmakers get information about their movies? Where is the winner’s list? Are you real people or is the festival run by robots? I would be appreciated it if you come up with reasonable answers.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hello, we apologize that you did not see any of our emails, but we communicated often via FilmFreeway sending the flyers, address, and schedule which was also on Filmfreeway. When you emailed us directly, I personally responded to you several times, however you never responded. I said in the email that one of your films was accepted by the distributor and up on Catch COD streaming service. I also stated, which of your other films are accepted. We apologize that you did not have the same experience as others and hope that you have by now checked CatchCOD.net, and click Stream with Us to see the festival before it is taken down.