Welcome to People Helping People, "Arts & Entertainment, International Film Festival."
A festival for Indie Filmmakers around the world, by Indie Filmmakers -

Our mission is to bring indie filmmaker's and distributors together for you to achieve your ultimate goal, Distribution. So we invite all independent filmmakers to submit their content and enter our international festival.

What makes us unique is the relation with our affiliate distribution company and video on demand platform, who is a new player in the streaming arena and sits alongside Netflix, Hulu and others, on ROKU, FireTV, and AppleTV. And here's the kicker, there will be a distributor looking at all submissions.

The festival will take place August 12 - 14, 2022, take advantage of our free admissions. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business and hosting events. We will be COVID compliant, taking all safety measures and precautions.

Welcome again and we encourage you to submit your content and become a pivotal part of our festival. ***FREE Submissions August - September 20th.

- Best Female Lead Actor
- Best Male Lead Actor
- Best Supporting Female Actor
- Best Supporting Male Actor
- Best Film
- Best Experimental Film
- Best Short Film
- Best Animation Film
- Best Web Series
- Best Trailer/Teaser
- Best Cinematography
- Best Director
- Best Editor
- Best Wardrobe
- Best Hair & Makeup
- Best Production Design

Benefits to Filmmaker:

- 4 VIP Red Badges for filmmaker and 3 guest (inquire about more closer to date). Red Badge offers access into A&E screenings and events (workshops not included)
- 7 Complimentary tickets to the filmmakers screening
- Filmmaker access to VIP lounge to network with industry professionals and Streaming Distributor, where you can promote your present and future projects to be distributed to: FireTV, ROKU & AppleTV
- Discount tickets for filmmaker's guests.
- 2 Seats in seminar with industry professional
- 2 Seats in pan discussion with industry types
- Opportunity to win 1 or more festival Awards
- Opportunity to win 1 or more Audience Choice Awards

We have partnered with a ***NEW*** Streaming platform. Submission automatically opens you up to being selected to be distributed on ROKU, FireTV, and AppleTV.


- Filmmaker(s) must be the owner of the submitted content. Owners will be asked to sign that you own ownership.

- Short films (of all genres) must be at least 5 minutes; with a maximum running time of 40 minutes.

- Feature films (of all genres) must be at least 41 minutes; with a maximum running time of 90 minutes.

- A&E Film Festival accepts films produced in various topics, genres, and from filmmakers around the globe. Micro-budget projects are Welcome. Eligible films are those from independent filmmakers. There is NO "Completed date of production" for eligibility. In other words; if the film was produced 5 or more years prior, it is still eligible (provided it meets the marks of Good Film Quality, see below). We will also accept it if it has been produced in theaters, online, other festivals, etc.

- We encourage films that are eclectic; meaning we encourage broad and diverse groups of people in front and behind the camera. If your film is not in English, to be eligible; subtitles will be needed (unless it is a silent film). We encourage films that are different in nature, to meet quality control: good lighting, audio, picture quality, etc. HOWEVER, we have a project for beginning filmmakers, so you if your project does not meet these markers, it may still be considered for that project.

- We made fees affordable so that each film submission is submitted separately, with exception to ***Web/Digital series: you can submit up to 2, so long as they are not longer than 30minutes total, and separated by their titles onscreen. We do not offer fee waivers as we are a non-profit organization, who's livelihood is based on donations, etc.

- We should receive your project via .mp4 format, at least 90 days prior to the event date.

- Film works in progress are able to submit to A&E festival, so long as at the beginning of screener, attach a Title card, stating what part of the film is missing and, have the completed project by April 2022, in the above format. Mailed in projects on Blu-ray/DVD must be postmarked by April 2022, the latest.

- Features released by a third party distributor, even those self distributed online - are NOT eligible for A&E Film Festival. However, you can contact us for a link to submit separately to our distribution company.

- You must supply all contact information or your submission will likely not be accepted. No refunds.

- You agree to promote your acceptance AND the festival several times, including days before the film festival.

- We do not provide screening fees, nor pay any shipping or other fees.

Materials due:

- Press kit/Media kit (posters, write up, press...).

- Production bts photos (behind the scene) 300 dpi.

- Cast list w/Actor's name & character.

- Credit list (name & role of cast, crew & producers...).

- Teaser, Trailer or other.

- All foreign films MUST have subtitles unless it is a silent film.

- Filmmakers will be notified if accepted and sent a list of items needed (for promotion, etc.), along with Laurels. Upon receipt, you must return those items on given date.

- Student Filmmakers must show a valid student i.d. to receive student discount.

- Our judges make a selection based on good: Story, Audio, Lighting, Film quality. Once it meets this criteria, the judges make their own decision considering all submissions.

- Sexually Explicit content is not eligible for A&E Film Festival. ALL inappropriate submissions will be disqualified.

- A fee is required to submit your film to be presented at the festival. Additional fees are required for each award competition category. You can submit for each award competition category as you'd like.

- You will submit the film as requested below:
24 & 25 fps
1920 x 1080 px

- By submitting you agree that we (A&E) will use parts of the film for promotional reasons for the festival.

- Upon selection, you will sign and return ownership document; materials requested (film, trailer, teaser, poster, press kit and other photo's.

- If accepted, we anticipate Filmmakers will attend the film festival.

- By submitting your film to PHP, A&E Film Festival, you are stating that you are the legal owner of the property and have full rights to submit it into the film festival. It also states that you give us permission to exhibit your film in the festival and for marketing. You shall also indemnify and hold harmless the People Helping People, Inc. and it's staff from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court), which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

- The submitter must accept A&E Film Festival Rules & Terms.