A Declaration Of Regret: An Apology To Elizabeth, My Hemorrhoid

Rachel was raised to believe that she needed be a “nice girl” and should never acknowledge anything unalluring that happened in her body. When the day came that a little hemorrhoid, named Elizabeth, surfaced in her anus, so began years of shame, secrecy, and resentment. A decade later, Rachel experienced a shift in her perspective as she began to understand the error in her ways.

  • Rachel DaKat
  • Rachel DaKat
  • Rachel DaKat
  • Rachel DaKat
    Key Cast
  • Rachel DaKat
    Filming and Editing
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  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 18 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 3, 2023
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    0 USD
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Director Biography - Rachel DaKat

I'm Rachel, sole creator of Laurn DaKat content. I began experimenting with video creation in 2020 making humorous videos for friends & family struggling with the pandemic. It was then my building passion for this form of multimedia comedy & expressive art took hold. Being a solo project means that I get to connect with & build my idea from conception to creation, fine-tuning every stage of production: writing, performing, filming, editing, & prop creation.

Doing it all is a large responsibility, but my passion for the process & my ability to keep building higher quality content fuels me.

Using one person to perform every character, while maintaining the feeling of an authentic multi-person exchange is truly rewarding. I enjoy creating characters that are distinct in their use of language, speech, mannerisms, & the way they experience life.

Self-shooting in a way that mirrors the energy of having a camera person, requires taking extra time to set up, & making fine adjustments through the entire shoot. Pulling this off takes a lot of planning in how I write, storyboard, & having intuition on what shots I’ll want for editing.

Being the writer & editor means I can plan intricately, & this helps me to have more perspective as I self-direct while performing. I have found that the more I practice each skill, the more I am able to authentically connect with my character’s emotions without another person’s energy to bounce off.

I’m inspired by humor, hyperbole, & human behaviour. I enjoy expanding on the idea of how we function at our core, how we act towards those we are closest to, & how our impulses lead us. I use animation, sound, & stylization to communicate tension, emotion, & my characters inner thoughts.

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