You are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming 1st Annual "American Dreams Do Come True" (ADDCT) Network Film Festival 2021!

We welcome our audience to discover new independent, animated, action, comedy, documentary, drama, featured films, music videos, short films, silent films, and sit-coms of selected submissions from all over the world. We are happy to accept online FilmFreeway Screeners.

The 1st Annual ADDCT Network Virtual Film Festival 2021, is an unfolding vision of launching the newest platform for new works emerging through the 2020 pandemic, showcasing creativity, inclusive of 10 categories for film and television industry.

In light of Corona-virus, we want to assure our filmmakers that we are fully committed to broadcast our projects, and events in honor of all creators and filmmakers who submit to us from around the world.

Birth from an aspiring vision, 1st Annual ADDCT Network Film Festival 2021 is an event plateauing with varied genres from creators providing entertainment for all generations. Accepting submissions presenting enjoyment to anyone who's a candidate to view screenings of refreshing content, vibrant cinema, creative productions, millennial audiences, not only exclusive for cinema, yet inclusive for global streaming live on ROKU Televisions, Smart TV’s, Apple, and Android devices.

This 1st Annual ADDCT Virtual Film Festival 2021 platform brings audiences and filmmakers together, affording an opportunity to broaden the perspective of artists, home theatre viewers, mobile devices, and moviegoers.

The nuNew© ADDCT Network Television aims to create an unique virtual film festival platform expressing diverse creativity distinguished from any other content within ten categories. The best projects content will be selected, and most interesting submissions not only confined to be screened in a geographical location, additionally viewed globally "Broadcasting On The Brink Of Breakthroughs" on the nuNew© ADDCT Network Television! Acknowledging the best of the best finalist will be announced September 1st - September 5th, 2021, winners will be Broadcast on Monday, September 6th, 2021!

The nuNew© ADDCT Network Television will broadcast simultaneously allowing viewers to screen while watching on ADDCT Network Television Live Streams via ADDCT Network Television Website: and ADDCT Network YouTube Channel, ADDCT Facebook page, and ADDCT Instagram social media platforms.

The nuNew© ADDCT Network Television welcomes creators interested in an opportunity to expand their territory increasing exposure of their content. The nuNEW© ADDCT Network Television is exclusively offering its platform for category winners' content to broadcast globally on the newest captivating, creatively designed television network, broadcasting to millions of households on ROKU Televisions, Apple, Android devices, and Smart Televisions, Apple TV coming Fall 2021.

“A Wave Towards Your Future” The nuNEW© ADDCT Television network's tagline, surfs to Chop It Up! Boldly pitch project's for global exposure to producers, visionary filmmakers, directors, through advancement of technology, maximizing exposure to engage global communities with remarkable cinematic experiences, pitching to independent filmmakers, film-lovers, and industry professionals a plethora of unique voices and innovative visions!

Welcome to 1st Annual ADDCT Network Virtual Film Festival 2021!

The ADDCT Network Film Festival 2021, ten (10) competition categories are open for creators. The winning films, projects, filmmakers, creators, in each category will be announced during 1st Annual ADDCT Network Virtual Film Festival on September 6th when the first ever ADDCT Network Film Festival will broadcast and present the WINNERS virtually. Each category winner of the 1st ADDCT Network Film Festival's, become Recipients of an ADDCT Network Film Festival Visionary Award!

The ADDCT Network will host a Red Carpet Affair in the 1st quarter of 2022, where winners will be presented the distinctive Visionary Award. The category winners will also have an unique option for placement on The nuNEW© ADDCT Television Network, broadcasting globally to millions of household on ROKU Televisions, Android, and Apple Devices!

Actually ADDCT NETWORK Film Festival 2021 is launching a threefold opportunity reaching film, video, and television competition in one event via the phenomenal FilmFreeway platform and The nuNew© ADDCT Network Television!

* Prizes valued at $500.00 cash
* An Invitation and Ticket to Attend Exclusive Winners' Red Carpet Awards Gala in 2022
* 3-year Festival Submission Gift Certificate (non-transferrable)
* Name listed on ADDCT Network Film Festival website as category finalist and winners
* Project/Content broadcast on The nuNew ADDCT Network Television
(based on criteria of Producer}

There will be virtual classes and panels featuring industry representatives, filmmakers, producers to connect with filmmakers unable to travel due to pre and/or post pandemic circumstances.

Stay Tuned! for updates, Submissions open July 1, 2021. Don’t Miss Epic Premiers, on the nuNew© ADDCT Television network and website, LIVE streaming on Apple and Android devices, September 1st - September 5th, 2021

Our finalists will be recognized as one of the top three creators from the pool of submissions received in 2021. The top three finalists are narrowed down from all submissions by our ADDCT Network Film Festival committee, comprised of industry professionals, online voters, alongside programmers, and executive staff of the ADDCT Network Television and ADDCT Network Film Festival.


The ADDCT NETWORK FILM FESTIVAL 2021 is open to any writer from anywhere in the world. We are honored and our privilege highlighting the work of independent and emerging creators, writers, producers, and filmmakers.

Before submitting, please read through all the rules and terms below. Writers can submit as many categories as they’d like to the competition. Each submission requires an application and payment.

WE ACCEPT FilmFreeway STREAMING ENTRIES, PLUS VIMEO & YOUTUBE. By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the following:

All projects have been submitted by our final deadline August 22, 2021 and that adhere to the following terms will be considered for inclusion in ADDCT Network Virtual Film Festival 2021.

Submitted projects should not have been optioned, purchased, or otherwise produced at the time of submission. If your project is optioned or purchased during the duration of the competition, please contact us immediately.
* All films must be submitted in English or/w English subtitles (if a different language).
* All films must have been made in or after 2019
* Filmmakers are responsible for sorting out the copyright on their own materials.

Short and feature-length entries are accepted.
Short films run 30 minutes - must not exceed 60 minutes.
Feature films run 60 minutes or more.
Entries not in English should have English subtitles and translations.
Works in progress may be submitted, but are juried in the same pool as all other submissions.
Work must be contemporary - completed within the last three years.
Entry fees are per film entered, and must accompany the entry form for confirmation. Entry fees are non-refundable.

The ADDCT Network Film Festival does not give waivers or discounts.
Entries are accepted via secure online screening and 16mm only. We do not accept DVD, VHS or video data files for screening purposes.


Q-How do I submit my film?
You can submit your film via FilmFreeway or
via website CLICK on ADDCT Film Festival Tab

Q-How much is it to enter?
Fees are staggered based entry categories and Earlybird, Regular, Late and Extended
Deadlines. You can also receive a discounted rate if you are a Gold member on

Q-Do you accept works-in-progress? Preferably not
Work-in-progress can be submitted, though not encouraged.

Q-Do you prefer DVD, Blu-ray or online screeners?
Online ONLY mp4! No other form of screener will be eligible.

Q-When do we notify filmmakers of acceptance or rejection?
Filmmakers will be notified on or before August 22, 2021.

Q-I have a question that wasn’t addressed. Who should I contact?
Please email