AAWIC Award Winning Program

African American Women In Cinema Special Screening Program during the Sundance Film Festival, Park City Utah

AAWIC is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for AAWIC A-List & Friendship Members. S special call for submissions of feature length films ONLY.
This award winning program will screen the "selected" feature film during the Sundance Film Festival and will feature a discussion with audience and filmmaker(s). The historic event will conclude with a VIP Reception.

The "Selected" Film will be screen during the Sundance Film Festival. In Park City, Utah. January 2019.

Please read the following terms and conditions in connection with your submission to the AAWIC Special Film Screening. As the Writer, or Director or Producer, I/We have submitted to AAWIC and warrant as sole and exclusive owner(s) of all legal right and the title thereto have absolute authority to submit the enclosed material to AAWIC.

-Can submit multiple entries, however, separate form and fee are required for each.
-Must be a AAWIC A-list or Friendship Member. (Memberships can be secured by visiting www.aawic.org)

I/We will indemnify and hold harmless AAWIC its jurors, sponsors and partners individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands losses, damages, costs, liability and expenses of every kind including legal expenses apprising out of or in connection with any and all claims, or third party claims based on material submitted to AAWIC and which may result directly or indirectly, from any injury to person or damage to property arising from (a) Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker breach of any of its obligations or covenants set forth in this Agreement; or (b) the negligence, omissions or misconduct of the Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker or its associates; (c) claims by a third party that the Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker infringes on the intellectual property rights of such third party; or (d) in connection with AAWIC Use of the Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker materials.

Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker shall obtain or cause to be obtained all necessary rights necessary for the exhibition of the Feature Film as contemplated herein, without the need for AAWIC to pay any additional license fees. AAWIC shall not pay any licenses fees or additional payments (including any required reuse, residual or other guild-or union-related fees and/or with respect to any public performance royalties) due to any parties who have an interest in the Feature Film or materials to the extent such amounts re triggered by AAWIC use of the Feature Film material.

AAWIC Special Screening Program selectee will permit AAWIC to use title of the work submitted and the logline, their name, and or likeness & publicity stills in publicity and promotional efforts. Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker agrees to sign an additional agreement if film is selected to participate and the film receive distribution from this film screening.

Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker hereby grants AAWIC the right to screen the Feature Film during the AAWIC Special Film Screening Program and the use of Feature Film Trailer for AAWIC promotional use supplied by the Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker. AAWIC shall owe no license fee to Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker or any other entity in connection with AAWIC's use of the Feature Film or materials as permitted herein.

Director, or Writer, or Producer or Filmmaker represents and warrants that it is permitted to enter into this Agreement and to perform the obligations, contemplated hereto, and that this Agreement and the terms and obligations hereof are not inconsistent with any other obligations it may have.

This Agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.

This Agreement, constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between the parties concerning the subject hereof and may not be changed, modified or altered.