1 - The "Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero" is open to everybody: rich
filmmakers, poor filmakers, all welcome provided they have developed a beautiful,
original idea on a limited budget.

2 - Competitors, whishing to participate, can send the VIMEO link in two ways::
- using FILMFREEWAY international platform;
- directly to the festival address: www.festivaldelcinemapovero.com
with the registration form.
Mandatory requirements: Any film must be downloadable.

They are five sections to which you can register your works:
- ITALIAN SHORT FILMS (maximum duration 15 minutes)
- NON ITALIANS SHORT FILMS (maxim duration 15 minutes)
- DOCUMENTARIES (maximun duration 30 minutes)
- ITALIANS FILMS (exceeding 15 minutes)
-NON-ITALIANS FILMS (exceeding 15 minutes)

ALL FILMS or DOCUMENTARIES must have been completed after Juanary 1st, 2019.
SUBTITLES IN ITALIAN are mandatory, if the dialogue is in a
language different then Italian; in English for films in Italian.

The deadline for sending the films is set for 15 August 2022 - 24 C.E.T.
Works already winners or participants in other Festivals are admitted, except those
presented in previous editions of the International Festival "Cinema Povero".
The organizers of the Festival decline any responsability in case of failure or incorrect
transmission of the link and related documents to the address of Festival and for any
other reason.

Considering the economic difficulties deriving from the persistent Pandemic, also
for this edition the admission fee is reduced to € 10 (ten euros) U.S.$ 11 (eleven).
Payement of the registration fee can be made via PayPal to
festivaldelcinemapovero@gmail.com - or by Bank transfer to:
BPER BANCA - Associazione Culturale "Cinema Povero"
IBAN IT 18 R0538750340000042361050 - BIC: BPMOIT22XXX
By paying the registation fee, the competitor becomes member of the "Poor Cinema
Cultural Association" for the year 2022.

The registration fee is not refundable for any reason, whether the author leaves the competition or the film is not in the final ranking

Best Italian short Film Euro 1000,00 + Sculpture "Il Nasso "
Best non-Italian Short Film Euro 1000,00 + Diploma
Best Documentary Euro 500,00 + Diploma
Best Italian Film exceeding 15 minutes Euro 500,00 + Plaque
Best non-Italian Film exceeding 15 minutes Euro 500,00 + Plaque

People's choice Award (sponsor Chicco d'Oro) Euro 500,00 + Diploma
"City of Ispra" Award Euro 500,00 + Plaque
"Traveling with the Merchant" Award Euro 300,00 + Diploma
Other awards and special mention will be possible for best director, best actress, best actor, best photography, best soundtrack, best screeplay, best location, best idea.

Prizes will be handed over to Italian Finalists attending the awards ceremony only.
They will not be shipped nor credited.

Money prizes WILL NOT BE CREDITED to winners from countries under international

The Jury will make a selection of the films and will formulate the Official Final
- The authors admitted to the Official Selection List will be notified by e-mail to the
address indicated on the registration form, within August, the 31st.and must send
the signed release form to the Festival. Without this document the film will not be
- The authors not admitted to the Official Selection List will NOT be notified.

The author or the production house of the work presented or whoever
holds the rights, by signing this regulation:
• DECLARES to have read it and therefore to fully accept its content:
• REPLIES in first person the content of the work presented;
• DECLARES to have acquitted all copyrights towards third parties in
accordance with the provisions of law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments;
• DECLARES, pursuant to art. 10 of law 675/96 and as a result of art. 13
D.Lgs. Nr, 196/03 and subsequent amendments and to the new
European Privacy Regulation 679/2016, to be informed on the methods
of processing the data indicated in the registration form and give their
consent to their use also through IT tools
• GRANTS explicit authorization to the International "Cinema Povero"
Festival for the public screening of the work on the days of the Festival.

- The Festival Organizers reserve the right to make changes to these
regulations even when the Festival is in progress.
- Pursuant to the Privacy Law 196/2003 and the new European Privacy
Regulation 679/2016, we inform you that the personal data relating to
the participants will be used solely for the purposes of the
competition and will remain in the Festival archive.
- The organizers of the Festival decline all responsibility in the event
of failure or incorrect receipt of the registration documents caused by
their transmission by any means to the addresses of the Festival and
for any other reason.

- At the discretion of the Organizers and for valid reasons, the event
may be suspended, postponed or canceled.
- The program of the public screening of the selected films will be
published on the page:
- For any screenings in summer arenas in the months of June and July,
some films will be chosen from those arriving by the scheduled dates
of the screenings.
- For anything not foreseen, for sending the material illustrating the
work, for requests not specified in this regulation, the competitor may
refer to the following postal address: Cultural Association "Cinema
Povero" - Via Acqua Negra, 32 - 21027 ISPRA (VA) or by sending an
email to: festivaldelcimenapovero@gmail.com;
- All rights to the work will remain the property of the author or the
production company. The organizers of the Festival will ask the
authors or production companies for authorization for any projections
of the films beyond the days foreseen by the Festival.
Read Confirmed and signed:
Legible signature __________________________________________
Place and date____________________________________________

Overall Rating
  • Pacha Movie

    It is a wonderful festival! film festival seriously and fairly judged my work and awarded Our Movie. Thank you! I am very honored.
    Thank you again!

    September 2021
  • I would like to thank you from all the crews of the festival for the creation of such a great festival. I also thank all the members of the festival for their services and I appreciate the financial support of the filmmakers from your festival as a short film festival.

    September 2021
  • Mehdi Imani shahmiri

    A good festival with kind agents

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    thank you very much Mehdi

  • Un Festival che con coraggio offre spazi di visibilità a progetti cinematogrfici indipendenti. Grazie.

    May 2021
    Response from festival:

    Grazie mille Riccardo De Angelis. Facciamo il possibile per il cinema indipendente, lontani da ideologie e condizionamenti.

  • Fabio Garelli

    An amazing festival created by a small group of friends who are really passionate about cinema in all of its forms (and wich has become greater and greater in years involving more and more people). In some way knowing them feels like becoming one of them: just like talking with some old friends. The hospitality is really amazing and the event is full of interesting content and quality entertainment, with the opportunity of directly meeting the authors and directors. A great international atmosphere is granted by the multilanguage real time translation during the introductions and speeches between the various projections. Last but not least Ispra itself is worth the journey to participate to the festival: a small and really nice town on the shores of Lago Maggiore.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Fabio. Our being in life as you see us, in a family and playful atmosphere probably pleases many, but we are also good at judging and choosing films. Ispra is beautiful even today without the sun. Ciao