Nurses On Our Own

Two courageous Chicago Nurses embark on an adventure to create the first Independent Nursing Practice Corporation in the US. They care for the poverty stricken to the rich and lottery winners. They make house calls and create a business. As friends and colleague RNs and Chicago Police Wives, they offer assistance in their office and in homes, hospitals and even on major motion picture sets with movie stars. They assist a private detective and end up in court when their hospital unfairly terminates them for an outside interest in Nursing;. They write a book, do a publicity tour and create television shows. They overcome many obstacles in their profession and their lives and end up as a great success.

  • Karon Gibson RN
  • Joy Catterson RN
  • Patricia Skalka
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    United States
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Writer - Karon Gibson RN, Joy Catterson RN, Patricia Skalka