Remembering Mathilda

This is a story about a man that first, loses his wife in a car accident,then fall into depression and he never comes out from it.Eventually while he started to drink ,he and his daughter quality of life is getting worse,since he quits his job for drinking.He has some money so it will take a while to be affected but during this time he also lose his daughter.While he may thinks that his wifes´death was an accident ,he felt responsible for the death of his daughter which leads him to think to kill himself,(even he chose a building from where he will jump to the street).But destiny has another plans for him as soon as he starts giving to others he starts to feel better and at least to think more clearly so he decides that even he wants to kill himself he won´t do it until he runs out of money and a way to speed things up is to giving to charity so he does....but.....
Eventually he realize that even money helps it is not enough of it so through the following years he dedicate himself to create an investment company and through it eventually will help more people specially childrens that their expectations of life may not be so good.So he decided to help those childrens by sending them "Santa "regardless the time of the year ,also he thought the if those childrens can not go to disney world ,it should comes to them....also he helps those kids that are not adopted for whatever reasons and giving them a chance to enjoy at list twice a year ,those things that normal or regular kids have with their families.
eventually he will remarried again and enjoy a good life until his own end which happens in his last visit to the cemetery where his wife and daughter are buried....
He knelt and put some flowers in their graves and again ask them for her forgiveness like he used to do during the last 30 years...suddenly he felt two hands over his right shoulder one small one the other from a female adult he turns his head ,smile and dies peacefully.....(no one else saw that scene even his present wife was there, she just watched him fall down)
The end.

  • Juan Carlos Abeti
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  • Country of Origin:
    Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
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Writer - Juan Carlos Abeti