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Ex-titans Strike Back Full Length

This is the musical version of the original band members from the punk rock group, "The Illustrious Teen Titans", performing their own original material on a cheap 4-track , after getting kicked out of the group posing as the original "Illustrious Teen Titans" upon completion of their full scale recording studio in 1999. The project explains events behind the break up of the original band, and how the songs and image of the band was rebuilt to suit the Hip Hop world, by using elements from martial arts movies such as names, terms and sound bites, similar to the famous rap group the Wu-tang Clan. The project visits several places in Jamaica such as Somerset Falls on Jamaica's North Coast in Port Antonio, as well as various motifs from Martial Arts films like smoke bombs, hats, tai chi swords etc. The music direction shifts from the original format of punk rock, to reggae, electronic drums, and ends in and around the time the group began to support actual rappers, from the Glen Cove area. These are all idea's explained in the opening credits.

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