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La Koronela

(Documental) The head of the KGB for all South America lived in Uruguay between 1948 and 1967. Her name of war was
Ivona África. He was Spanish, but declared "my homeland was the Soviet Union". He parachuted into
Ukraine in World War II, was a radiocommunication specialist and assisted in the assassination of Leon
In France he met Felisberto Hernández the great writer of Uruguayan fantastic literature. They moved to
Uruguay, got married, and got Uruguayan citizenship and lived together less than two years.
She was a quiet person, she did not talk about politics and she liked children. His friends, young intellectuals
or Uruguayan politicians never knew that he worked for the KGB. Felisberto Hernández, declared anticommunist,
did not know either.
She died in Moscow on March 8, 1988, when the Soviet Union was about to disintegrate. For his services he
received the Order of Lenin. The tombstone that keeps its remains remembers it like "Colonel".
This documentary seeks to reconstruct the story of Maria Luisa from the interviews recovering the naive look
of her friends from Uruguay, the imaginary of Felisberto Hernández and documents that not long ago have
come to light.

  • Amparo Gea
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Writer Biography - Amparo Gea

University studies:

- Master in communication sciences from the University of the Eastern Republic of the Uruguay option "Communication education"
- Master's degree in Sciences of the communication of the University of the Republic East of the Uruguay option
"Communication art and recreation".
- Fourth year of advocacy.

-Film and tv Scenic. International Film and Tv School. San Antonio de los Baños. Cuba (2000)

In image:


2004 "Received"
2003 Green celebrations of cruel children
1998-"Dreams ""Scripting. "
1997. "Dreams". Research and project scripting awarded by the i.m.m.* Capital Fund
Municipal Administration of Montevideo.
1994 APEX - reconstruction process of the collective memory of the Hill, coordinated with the Centre for elderly and young people of the area.
1991 - 1994 - "Because we could not stay quiet". Coordination and direction of the fiction of a video of the "Process" type developed with evicted families.(Velcro).

Film and Video:

(2002 "Even though you are far away" (directed by Juan Carlos Tabío) Assistant Director)
1999- "Plata quemada"(Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro).Assistant Director
1998 - CTC assistance of art.
1997- "A form of dance" (Directed by Älvaro Buela). The FONA award. Assistance from art.
1994 "Because not we could remain quiet". Edition.
"Group coordination, motivation and collection of anecdotes for the video of reconstruction of the collective memory of the Hill."
1993 Coordination and direction of "because we could not stay quiet".
1992 Animations commercial - for etc, CTC. Art Assistant, "Casablanca".
1991 - "Sun" ecological series "mother earth". (Address, scripting, model, toys, animation, editing and pos-producción).
* Prize (jury Plan child, DENI) animation
* UNESCO Prize for the best performance of film and video Latin America and the Caribbean.
(* Award for "Best animation" of the international jury of television and Video in the International Film Festival for children organized by Cinemateca Uruguaya and OAS in Montevideo, 1992).
* Prize for "Best screenplay" and * "Best Video" in the III South American Festival of shorts, Paraguay Asunción, 1992.
* Selected in the thirty-eighth International Festival of Oberhausen.
* Special mention of the jury at the first Festival Latin American and the Caribbean of the short film and Video. Venezuela, 1992.
* Selected in the 2nd International Festival of animation in Shanghai, 1992.
* Selected Canada and Boston.
1990 - "The hiding places of the Sun" (Animation assistance).

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