Hafez Lives

In the internet age an American man and Iranian woman form a connection long distance that ends when the guy couldn't meet her in London on holiday. With politics aside and the ability to see people for who they are he goes on a soul-searching quest for her and his new found love for Iranian / Persian culture and its long beautiful history.

  • Jeremy Perez
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Television Script, Other
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    English, Persian
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Writer Biography - Jeremy Perez

I am a 39 year old man from New Iberia, Louisiana, USA. I grow up in a poor family and have battled substance abuse since my teen years. However, I am a paramedic who worked through many nature disasters and in the oil and gas industry overseas in SE Asia, Middle East, and Africa. I am currently unemployed due to oil price downturn and pursuing my passion for story telling and the many dream-like experiences that are a mix of Blow, Kids, and Deepwater Horizon.

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Writer Statement

Most of my work is laid out on my public FB page as I began writing and using visual arts to convey my message. I feel that my message of love and hope can be adapted into a film or series as I have some stories to tell.