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In the beginning of the story it is being seen that few people are chanting “Bala Hari, Hari Bal” while carrying a dead body carrying bed and a good looking young man was sitting naked on the bed. Who is this man ? and why are the people carrying a living man in a dead body carrying bed ? Flash back…

It is being seen that a dark looking ugly young man named Babu is masturbating while watching a porn film. He is black and very ugly sex perverted guy who is extremely porn addict. None of the girls in his college like him since he is very dark and ugly. He has been beaten up at various places in several occasions because of pervert nature. But like others this guy named “Babu” is also a human. He also has sexual needs. But even if a single girl does not like him or is attracted to him then how will he satisfy his sexual hunger. That’s why even on beaten up on several instances his behaviour remains unchanged and masturbation became the only way of fulfilling his lust.

One day Babu was walking on the road. From the opposite direction a guy and a girl was coming with canned cokes in their hand. Unwillingly Babu pushed the girl and the girl fell down. The guy greeted Babu with a tight slap in return. In protest of her friend’s in-human behaviour towards babu the girl slapped her friend. That day for the first time in his life Babu felt that somebody stood beside him in his favour.

Later this girl befriended with Babu. The name of the girl is Kalpana. Slowly this friendship turned into love. Kalpana started transforming Babu into a good human being through her love. Gradually he stopped all his ill-mannered activities Kalpana even satisfied Babu sexually and fulfilled his sexual hunger.

One fine morning on waking up Babu found Kalpana missing beside him. He stated searching for her. Babu realized that today Kalpana’s true love is more important to him than her body which previously he didn’t get from anybody. He madly searched for Kalpana but couldn’t find her. At last Kalpana appeared in front of Babu. He told Babu that she is his nothing but his imagination only. Babu understood the reality that the girl whom he loves so much is his mere imagination. He cried “Kalpanaaaa”. Flashframe…..

It is seen that a good looking naked guy is walking away from the room and when he turned back he saw Bubu’s dead body lying on the bed. This good looking naked guy is none other than Babu’s soul which got released from Babu’s dark and ugly body since finally all his dreams got fulfilled and he became completely satisfied. Flash back end………

Few people are chanting “Bala Hari, Hari Bal” while carrying a dead body carrying bed and a good looking young man (Babu’s soul) was sitting naked on the bed because Babu’s dark and ugly body was lying dead on the bed in that room. From far away Kalpana could be seen bidding good bye to Babu.

Al last a greeting card saying, “You’re the One, I’d Always Been Waiting for…..” Along with a photo frame featuring that good looking guy (Babu’s soul) and Kalpana standing together with their heads kneeling towards each other, flashed on the screen.

It’s true that we all are waiting for a beautiful dream like Kalpana. Then why should it be any different in Babu’s case.

  • Dabbu
  • Dabbu
  • Alo Rani Das & Suman Das
  • Dabbu
    Key Cast
  • Saheli Deb
    Key Cast
  • S.Kumar
  • Siddharth & Dev
  • Dev Goswami
    Background Music
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 22, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    4,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • N/A
Distribution Information
  • Suman Das
    Country: India
    Rights: All Rights, Internet
Director Biography - Dabbu

Born in Kolkata, DABBU began making films at his young age. A graduate from Kolkata University started to make his films involving real people in his Short film. He started his venture from Music Videos. Also DABBU is a very good singer as well as a very good Music Composer & Lyricist.
His accent is mostly Bengali, but he is well conversant in English & Hindi language also. DABBU is a very realistic Story & Script Writer. He is comfortable with and knowledgeable regarding the films of the different languages.

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Director Statement

DABBU feels that detailing of a film is the key for making good films with a very ordinary subject. He understands the method of telling the story, using the things that we have around us.
DABBU believe that, “A film is more or less like our baby. Just like the way if a parent takes care and nourishes his/her baby in the right way then the baby on growing up makes the parent proud. Similarly if a film is made in the right way then the film also makes the Director Proud.”