It's April 1st, 1997 and Zeg Robertson is the undefeated champion in the sport of competitive drinking.

He's a man of the people, an idol to all drinkers. Unbeknown to them, he's been cheating, or 'cathing' as it's referred, for the past five years. Zeg and his lie have grown to the point where they need each other to survive - the people depend on him, and he depends on the lie.

During the final match of the year, Zeg's conscience is finally getting the better of him. To continue the lie and suffer the heavy burden or reveal the truth and shatter the people's hope, that is the question.

And all this happens with adult men ... in diapers.

  • Jonas McQuiggin
    White Blank Page
  • Project Type:
    Short Script
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    June 18, 2017
    Best Short Screenplay
Writer Biography - Jonas McQuiggin

"Jonas isn't of Nordic descent, but his story is almost as cool. Born in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies - hence why you'll find he's rarely cold and has perfectly formed K9s. The eight months of winter provided numerous opportunities to write some words on a page and roll some miniDV tape through a camera. This led him to believe that submitting a music video for a sculpture project at Art College was at the very least a 'B-' idea (he got an A+).

Jonas has developed a wonderfully irreverent and absurd style that highlights his comedic prowls. Which makes him imaginative, odd and even a bit serious when it comes to making things funny. It goes without saying that he has an intuitive eye for casting and a natural ability to inspire memorable comedic performances in a visually heightened frame.

He's recognised as an open-minded collaborator and thoroughly enjoys working through ideas at all stages of the process - most importantly though he has a lot of fun doing it.

He loves telling stories, both on-screen and off, and is never one to let the truth get in the way. With a penchant for perfectly-timed wisecracks and a plethora of awkward pop-culture references in-between his ears you'll hopefully find yourself 'laugh-crying' more than you do currently."

P.S. Jonas is in the middle of writing a dark comedy TV series, only cooks with an apron on and has no relation to those talentless ass clowns known as the ‘Jonas Brothers’.

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