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As Night Falls

A new assistant district attorney becomes immersed in the criminal goings on in a small town. She is about to get involved in what will be her biggest cases involving a criminal with interests in all corners.

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    Television Script, Treatment
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    United States
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I grew up in Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York. I've always enjoyed writing and telling stories. My love for writing grew when I began to watch soap operas. I was drawn to genre by the style of storytelling and characters that you can root for. I have always enjoyed writing. I love the old soap operas that tell stories over a specific length of time. My old time favorite soap opera was the ABC show, The Edge of Night. My story is inspired by EDGE, the main character was a District Attorney. The show was different from the rest of the soaps, its main stories were about crime and mystery with some romantic entanglements.

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