A Family Alone

logline: An educated single mother of 6 struggles with trying to protect and provide for her children while raising them on the southside of Chicago. When tragedy hits home this mother is faced with temptations that take her on a downward spiral of drugs and abuse.

"A Family Alone" is a film that is based on a true story of a mother and her 6 children whom are struggling just to survive the cruelty of the Chicago streets. The children range from ages 10-25 and they are all battling secrets that their mother knows nothing about. When the family is faced with national coverage for a tragic crime that 2 of the children commit, all hell breaks lose. The mother, whom is the matriarch of the family goes down a dark path, and each sibling takes a turn for the worse and begin to take on battles that no one could ever predict.

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    Screenplay, Treatment
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    United States
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