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a pool of blood

Somalia has been in the dark for a long time,a darkness that was not caused by the loss of light.A real vicious darkness,thick and heavy,it still hangs in the corners of Somalia.This darkness was caused by light violently avoided and replaced by oppression,extra-judicial killings,rape,torture,and displacements of thousands of innocents people .One can feel that darkness everyday and in everywhere.The density of its smoke assaulted many people in the past and will do so in the future if its not avoided Over the years ,Somalia has witnessed calamities,from civil war to droughts that wreaked havoc in all corners of the country. Somalia has been isolated from the world and was left to bleed to death. Lack of communication between the people in power and the citizens made heinous crimes to be committed .Over the past decades, Somalia has never known peace,and there was a struggle to bring educated people to power;so that the stalemate of Somali helplessness,isolation,civil war and poverty could be broken. Since the infamous civil war broke in 1991,there has been many presidents that carved their initials in the Somali tree of leadership .However,no one had the prowess to bring back the lost glory of Somalia. Somalia have realized that for war and violence to loose its legitimacy as unacceptable instrument in the conduct of human affairs ,the still feeble norms against the use of violence was needed to be bolstered.If peace was to be established,it has to be accompanied by meaningful barriers against production,possession,trade and use of armaments.There is,in short,a symbiotic relationship between international peacekeeping and disarmament. Somalia has been isolated from the rest of the world,the international community stood aloof from the massive human suffering in Somalia,The Somali people do not just need aid when disasters struct them,they need assistance,honest ones with no strings attached to it.The world has forsaken Somalia,but the last few years Somalis had gathered their senses and learnt how to solve their own problems.This drama has been depicted from Somalia,a society which is full of greed for power,individualism and the use of excessive force to make it to the top.Hope has been depicted in this drama both at family and national level;Nur a Somali elder and a member of his village`s Council of Elders,used everything in his power to make Sakina peaceful.He portrayed a good example to his fellow members that the welfare of the people was better than their tribal affiliations .He had a dream that Somalia will one day reboot itself and rise to the stars. finally in this book.the hope of Nur came when Somalia joined hands and finally rose out of the ashes. Its 2030, Somalia is a home to 69 billionaires,and Mogadishu has become a gem city again ,the united nations called Somalia a "role model".Somalia also hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees from Europe and the United States and its a "dream destination" for refugees.

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My names are Abdirahman Adan Muktar,I was born in Somalia near the pot city of Kismayo,which is in the Lower Juba province. Growing up in Somalia was not easy during those days,there was chaos that wreaked havoc in all the corners of the country;a chaos that sent a silent cry all over the copuntry.As a kid i couldn't understand why people were fighting and no one ws ever brought to book or even blamed hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed and no one cares. I was disturbed by that, I turned into writing for me it is and it was "a personal empowering act" . Writing made me to survive emotionally in Somalia,I used to write fictional stories where the warlords in Somalia were tried in court and made to pay the destruction and agony they caused to innocent people

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