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The Boxer.

Never been-seen footage of West Point's pysical education program.

And the reason for such treatment? Three simple words -- he is black.

Through it all, however, the young man hangs tough and perseveres, and although he is the fourth black ever appointed to the Academy, he accomplishes what the other three could not: he becomes the first black graduate of West Point.

Based on fact, BLACK KNIGHT OF THE HUDSON is the dramatization of Henry Flipper’s great struggle to graduate from West Point and of all the hell he went through to do it -- the stuff of which heroes are made.

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    March 21, 2014
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Writer Biography - Tim Tyler

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I became fascinated with movie storylines as I listened to my oldest sister’s weekly recap of the newest movie while my mother and she made dinner. Thus were the early seeds of my screenplay writing sown.

Having been an accomplished high school student, I received a congressional appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduating from the Academy and serving in the Army as an officer, both here and abroad, I settled into a civilian lifestyle and took up my passion for writing.

My writing began to bear fruit when I was twice selected as a Nicholl Semi-Finalist and twice as an Austin Semi-Finalist for four different scripts. I am a prolific, low-maintenance writer, recognized for quality writing and great dialogue. My genres include historical dramas, family fantasy-adventures, romances, and, my favorite, comedies.

While at West Point, I learned of Henry Flipper, the central character in BLACK KNIGHT OF THE HUDSON, and of his tale of perseverance and determination. His story haunted me and bears themes similar to Solomon Northup’s struggle in 12 YEARS A SLAVE.

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Writer Statement

"Let no man pull you so low as to hate him." Similar to Henry Flipper (BLACK KNIGHT OF THE HUDSON) and Solomon Northup (12 YEARS A SLAVE), I have never given up on my dreams and have persevered through difficult times, and these are the sorts of screenplays I like to write: stories of courage and triumph, of battling against the odds, and of enduring tremendous hardships to realize one’s dreams, stories that are as timely today as they’ve ever been.