They Dont Stay

lately i been findin it hard to cope, on a straight line suddenly on a slope, on this lost path tryna catch up on my hope, lookin on the bottom of a bottle like a pope,

i could say in this line that my name is kaylee, i fuckup a lot and i rap on the daily, the people who know that i rap think im fakin, but the rap game is the only one i be playin,

they say kaylee that career aint gon make no good cash, but im doin what i love im doin it with no catch, when they comin at my neck i think fast, i say man fuck that man fall back,

if you wanna leave my life dont call back, dont text me dont try to crawl back, dont come and ask me where i dropped my ball at, i got my small circle so you mine as well walk back,

yeah i got my own life to worry bout, when they see me in my feelings all them niggas hurried out, now my ass is ballin i could be labeled curry now, as soon as im down i ask what yall concerned about,

cause thats when they come but when im up they no where found again, it gets so bad when i say i actually found a friend, so i keep to myself cause they all back out again, thats when i notice that i might of just found a trend,

haha its kinda funny, some are curious bout the circle that im runnin, they try to come in cause they think that im a dummy, but they gonna leave as soon as they aint comfy,

cause if you wanna good friend you have to give em everything, but a check aint one so bitch ya they be switchin lanes, then the whole thing is back at it again, aint nun to lose cause im a picture with no frame,

pfft yah thats a bad camera, lookin round to find a person who has got some mannas, aint none of them the one fuck what am i searchin for, i get clawed in the back i consider that learnin more,

who is they workin for what is they purpose lord, if i aint got the answers i wont act like this aint occurred before,
cause its happened many times, i look back at the fake friends read between the lines,

these bitches aint want me hah they want the cheddar cheese, i dont really give a flyin fuck about whoever sees, drownin in the seven seas someone come and rescue me, thats what they say to lure you in til you catch a felony,

all i see is jealousy hidden with they eyes, wanna be me nah they livin a lie, the cheddar cheese they want is too late cause it is fried, like our little friendship that shit already died,

so imma do me imma hop up on the stage, if this songs to you then you must be 2 faced, control alt delete fuck that backspace, i got my small circle and that shit is all i need,
yah you cant have my life, this is all me honestly im doin fine, i stay up on the game i play record then rewind, if you cant keep up with me then just fall behind,
that means you aint really got what this shit takes, if you wanna be friends then why you bein fake, thats my whole point you know that imma say it, issa true story nah i aint gon pray it,

they dont stay, they dont stay, haters on my page and these friends are fake(x4)

  • Kaylee Magill
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Honestly I started writing lyrics about 4 years ago. I started off making poems and i turned them into rhythms and added beats. Im improving a lot. Im proud of myself. I stay up in my room everyday working on lyrics and I rap them to make sure they sound good. But I never have really tried getting anything out into the world. I want to, but I dont know where to start. So maybe I should start with this. I love writing lyrics, I can rap them too, but I didnt do it here.

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Just be you, do what you love, and dont let anyone kick the legs out from your throne.