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"Infiltrator" is a fast paced urban drama about a girl, Sheena Stevens, who grows up amidst the Baltimore drug culture but bravely overcomes it and ultimately becomes an FBI agent. Infiltrator is about strength; relationships; about mending the broken fragments of life and moving forward; and about the power in forgiveness which empowers the Stevens family to overcome drugs. A romantic element is interjected when Sheena's love interest, Blake Davis, a fixture in the Baltimore drug scene, becomes entangled in the family dynamics to his demise. Infiltrator's plot, originality, suspense, twists and turns, complex interpersonal relationships and climatic surprise ending will certainly engage viewers.

  • Martina Evans
    Four Sundays In Spring; Three Weekends In June; Cinderfella and Girlprenuers
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Writer Biography - Martina Evans

Martina D. Evans is a screenwriter, actress, and filmmaker and attorney. In June, 2005, Ms. Evans was introduced to acting by a relative. Soon after, she discovered the art of screenwriting and took screenwriting courses at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2010, Ms. Evans wrote and produced, “Three Weekends In June,” a film about a dysfunctional but loveable family and later wrote, directed and produced “Four Sundays In Spring,” which is currently in post-production. She has also completed two other screenplays, “Cinderfella” and “Infiltrator”. As an actress, Ms. Evans was on HBO’s “The Wire” and in films such as “Safehouse”, “Echo 97”, “Necessary Murder” and “A Single Act”, theater productions, television shows and commercials.

Ms. Evans has participated in several classes and workshops including Spike Lee’s “Master Class on the Art of Filmmaking” and Robert Townsend’s “The Perfect Pitch” Class in addition to various acting and dance classes.

In 2007, Ms. Evans founded Eintou Publications, LLC and in December 2007, she successfully authored and published her first book, “Worst First Dates and The Lessons Learned”, a compilation of dating stories from men and women.
A native of Baltimore, Ms. Evans has been an attorney in private practice in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. While in law school, she was the president of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Association and was the recipient of the Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship.

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Writer Statement

We each have at least one story to tell. In my stories, I want to captivate, entertain and enlighten others while also making a contribution to the arts with originality, diversity and inclusion which are very much needed. Combining my experiences with my talent, inspiration and imagination to create thoughts which I transfer to paper gives me a strong sense of fulfillment, and when manifested on film, it gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.
This opportunity would allow me to meet like-minded, passionate, creative people who’ve honed their talents and who can teach, train and mentor me. I have a thirst for improving my crafts and realized early on that one built upon the other. In 2004, I began acting and wanted to see more substantial, diverse roles which led me to screenwriting. I want to continue learning, growing and nurturing my screenwriting and filmmaking skills and talents.
I apply the same discipline I’ve exercised as an attorney and accountant to my passion of writing and producing. I believe so strongly in the project Infiltrator and never gave up on my mission to see the script produced into a film. I would benefit greatly from this opportunity in many ways but foremost, in helping me bring Infiltrator to fruition. As a Black woman and because of my background, I hope to give a unique voice and input to the industry. Lastly, I’ve worked for years in different occupations for many employers. At this point in my life, I want to do what I enjoy and what really makes me happy. I think it’s great when I see people working at their passion or when I hear them say, “I love what I do.” That’s what I look forward to and hope to be selected. Thank you for your consideration.