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Sonia's big moment, her piano concert at the Philharmonie, is in three days. She wakes up that morning to find a wide and painful scar on her left wrist preventing her to play. Unable to recall anything, she throws herself into a fierceful fight with her blurry memory.

  • Camille Demoures
  • Camille Demoures
  • Camille Demoures
  • Rupert Manher
  • KinoPaname
  • Beat Films
  • Sarah Cohen-Hadria
    Key Cast
  • Audrey Pilaire
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  • Raphaël Federer
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  • Rupert Mahner
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  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 54 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 21, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    500 EUR
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  • Shooting Format:
    Numeric HD
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Director Biography - Camille Demoures


Actress and pianist, she is born in 1986. She went to the french Art Dramatic School Charles Dublin (2006-2009) and to the music conservatory at Le Vésinet. After that, she takes part in different workshop to keep on learning : Théâtre Organic in Buenos Aires (physical theater - 2014), Hystériades (musical perfectionnement for dramatic artists- 2015), workshop with Jean-Michel Rabeux (interpretation, le 104 - 2017). Since 2009, she works, acts and performs with different theater companies as an actress or as a musician.

Since 2012, she very active in the international film making movement Kino. She writes, directs or acts in several short movies. When she decides to write and direct « OSTINATO » in 2015, she had already directed a lot of other short forms.

Her wish to change her position from « in front » to « behind the camera » came quite naturally. After many years studying in Social Sciences (Ecole Normale Supérieure), she finds in direction (and writing) the good way to mix her need to speak about the world around her and her wish to do it in an artistic way.
Currently, she’s working on another short movie « THE 90 OTHER PERCENT OF » (about sport’s pressure) and a projet of a documentary about life in the Islamic Republic of Iran »


2012 - « J’attendrai Madeleine », very short
2013 - « Et après #1 - BurkinaFaso », cadavre exquis
2015 - « Et après #2 - Belleville », cadavre exquis
2016 - « We are music », short about music influences in our life.
2016 - « LIFE », interviews about choices in life.
2016 - « Ostinato », drama, fiction.2017 - « LIBERTE », documentary projet about Iran.
2017 - « THE 90 OTHER PERCENT OF », drama, fiction.

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Director Statement

The main character of the short-film is a young lady, named Sonia, at one of the most important moments in her life : in three days, she will finally play at the Philharmonie de Paris as a concertist. Her strive to become a great pianist motivated her to isolate herself, and to step away, even from her closest friends, in a rather radical and not always delicate way. It is this lonely woman who discovers, one morning, a large and painful scar on her left wrist. Because she has no idea whatsoever about its origin, and because the pain she feels threatens her upcoming concert, Sonia will be compelled to contact her friends. Now she is torn between the need to understand what really took place, and the necessity to hide the facts in order not to be professionally discredited. This confrontation with the « outside world » (neighbours, friends, doctor) will be very violent for Sonia, who feels completely misunderstood by those who appear agressive and incompetent to her. Her memory is lacking and, while trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle, she finds it impossible to get a logical and probable outcome. How could it be that the doctor ascertains that she has a support plate inside her wrist, while she knows she has never had an operation? How could she be advised to step back while she must play in 3 days ? She can only imagine one reason : a conspiracy, in a world where pianist positions are very rare. While Sonia pushes herself deeper into the certainty of being manipulated, words shout by a friends will bring all her souvenirs back to her memory. The chronology of events will subsequently be put back in the right order, image after image, feeling after feeling.

With this film, I wanted to address the question of the strength of denial; a denial that follows a traumatic event and which can totally modify the perception of reality, a denial that makes one forget and recreate a different story, built unconsciously, giving the illusion that is it possible to live – and to survive – with this trauma without having to directly confront it.

I wanted to show Sonia in her natural environment, or at least in the life she thinks is true, in a way that the spectator discovers the plot with her. I have always liked films that feature a total turn of events, with a narrative scheme that deconstructs itself and finally offers a second picture of what preceded. I intentionally realized this short-film in that spirit; the denial topic being particularly well suited.

The direction and the image should be in accordance with the scenario. It is through the eyes of Sonia that we discover things. The movie is thus scattered with close-up views of objects surrounding Sonia and the camera seems to wander between sharp and blurry images, just like Sonia’s memory. The movie structure is built on three principal parts : before Sonia’s consciousness recovery, the recollection, and finally after the consciousness recovery. The narrative is thus disrupted right from the second part, letting the spectator play an active role in the story reconstruction.

The movie ends like it started : at the awakening of Sonia, on the day after. Beyond a simple esthetical preoccupation, the choice of « making a loop (ou turn around ?) », was motivated by the will to illustrate how memory can also « make loops » and how things can repeat themselves in a infernal fashion. Could denial be that strong that even its awareness is not enough ? Sonia prefers to lock herself in denial, because the certainty that she can still play the piano is the only thing she could live for. And the following day will, strangely and sadly, resemble the past day.