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Max & Spencer

Max & Spencer is a universal television comedy about a 29 yr old newly divorced man (Max) who moves in with his 62 yr old divorced father (Spencer). Together this dynamic duo take on the challenges of life, love, porn and depression in the most hilarious way. Max & Spencer share the stories of many across our ever changing global society. It blends timely comedy, jaw-dropping punchlines and great story telling from two men who are sure to win over the hearts of every man & woman who are all too familiar with life after D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

  • Tiffany Hayden-Williamson
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Tiffany Hayden-Williamson

Tiffany Hayden-Williamson currently resides in Long Island, NY, with her doting husband Kay Williamson and their four beautiful children Jaylin, Jaila, Blessing and Winter Williamson. Ten years ago, Tiffany decided to embark upon the writing world and fearlessly write, produce, and direct her first stage play "You Can Run but You Can't Hide." With boundless support from family and friends, colleagues, and college professors, Tiffany's stage play proved to be a great success. This life changing production experience for Tiffany catapulted her drive and immediately she initiated to self write, direct and produce many other projects. To name a few...Every Man Makes a Woman Cry, The Atmosphere, I See You, The Powder Room webisodes, Tincture, Max & Spencer etc...Tiffany's determination and tremendous support system has allowed her to chase her dreams, while simultaneously raise a beautiful family. Tiffany's inspiration has clearly influenced her daughter, Jaila Williamson, who is currently training for the 2020 Olympics. Jaila is aiming to make some of Michael Phelps qualifying times. Tiffany's love for her family, life, people and wide ranging artistic interests have allowed her to flourish as a writer, in her own special way. Tiffany writes and publishes her works as frequently as she can, knowing time is always against her craft coming to fruition. Although, she is not a professional writer, she aims high and takes great interest in learning more and more about writing while it is in its incubation period. Her favorite line is..."The pen is the limit." Pieces of Tiffany Hayden-Williamson's work can be viewed for all to witness online, and even though she is not a "big shot", all who have graced her diverse work tend to be eager for more. May we all look forward to Tiffany's writings on the wall.

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As a writer I believe...the pen is the limit...I PROMISE to always write until my fingers bleed. The thicker the blood the juicer the story.
~Tiffany Hayden-Williamson