It's a 1950's Sci-Fi future and Captain Stoney Jones is the first black spaceship captain in a newly desegregated Outerspace. Stoney and his crew are challenged beyond their typical trash duties when a mysterious SOS forces them to take heroic action. They're harassed by an evil King and his ridiculous Rube Goldberg machine. Narrowly escaping the evil King's clutches leaves Stoney and his team salivating for more outerspace adventure.

  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi Comedy
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography

Schiller has extensive experience in creative development. Over a decade of production work has solidified her abilities as a Writer and Producer. Capable of taking cinematic ventures from inception to completion. A dynamic communicator on the pages of a screenplay, or on set with walkie witticisms. Schiller is fiercely committed and eager to generate stories for screens large and small.

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Writer Statement

My writer dream is space based. I want to write beyond the usual alien spiders, smoking robots, and awkward intergalactic ice cream socials. I want to write a retro universe, using rockets to propel an agenda that matters. I want to mercilessly mock 1950's America and laugh at attitudes still stuck there. I want to write diverse Space Travelers that expose relevant issues and fight for progress. I want to sneak in my shameless liberal motives with the help of adorable space cats. I want to write a comedic guest star bonanza ripe for collaboration. I want to write all of this while paying homage to Sci-Fi greats.
Tackling stereotypes under the guise of satire is a fine line... but lines are blurred in space.