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Minority Club

Minority Club is a dark comedy about three roommates, an African American filmmaker that lacks a voice, a Filipino writer with a Napoleon complex, and bi-racial Instagram model turned actress, navigating the absurd world of Hollywood in hopes of diversifying the industry.

  • Robert S. Villalobos
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Comedy, Dark Comedy, Indie
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Robert S. Villalobos

Robert S. Villalobos is a writer. Television was his third parent, so that makes him 2/3 Filipino and 1/3 white. He was an eighties baby that lived vicariously through the predominantly white characters that were on television. Just like the adobo, lumpia and pancit his parents fed him, he consumed everything his third parent fed him, the hair, clothes, mannerisms and skin color. Villalobos’s television lens as a second-class citizen helped inform his point of view and writing. As storyteller, his work focuses on satirically integrating and normalizing the minority, absurd and deviant into popular culture. He wants to re-establish the establishment with rich stories of diverse narratives that empower the next generation of dormant voices. Villalobos earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Washington, and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the California Institute of the Arts with an emphasis on Writing for Performance.

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Writer Statement

I grew up watching stories about white people. Now I want to create stories about people who look like my family, friends and community.