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With a booming entertainment industry in Atlanta, GA, Mel makes a decision to invest in music. Although he had plans to shop around at various local clubs to find good local rappers performing, luck so have it, his star fell in his lap. After a stop at his new barber, Mel got his fresh Caesar cut and stood outside for a moment. As he stood still, he could hear several young guys freestyling amongst one another. Every last one of the young guys could rap, so Mel brought them all on. When it came time to hear every rapper individually, Mel was sold on TJ. From that point on, Mel invested all his money and time into grooming TJ. Along the way, Mel began to make connections within Georgia to restore his drug empire. A history with Georgia made it a lot easier for Mel to get back into the game.
The problems of Mel's past begin to show themselves as the corrupt politics of the streets start to blend with Mel's dreams of having a successful, legitimate record company.

  • Nicholas Maze
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Nicholas Maze

Born in Flint, Michigan, Nicholas L. Maze attended Baker College, where he earned his degree in Business Administration with a focus in accounting and marketing. With a knack for advertising and excelling in math, Nicholas seemed destined for a productive career in business. Instead, there would be another gift that would prove to be more dominant and rewarding.

In the summer of 1999, while still in college, Nicholas found a job with a nation-wide security organization. His initial plans were to work his job until he finished college. But it was his stint with the security organization that would lead to a rebirth of his passion for writing. As a child, being driven by a strong imagination, Nicholas would write stories to pass time. It was during his composition courses in college that Nicholas realized that his gift was still intact. His writing craft received praise from his colleagues and instructors. With a substantial amount of free time on the job, Nicholas found himself writing more and more.

He started by writing poetry and composing songs, during his free time on the job. It was at this same time that Nicholas began managing a small rap group, which allowed him to hone his writing skills even more. Nicholas began composing songs for his rap group and him. In 2004, Nicholas began to write his first published work. With ample amount of time and a number of ideas, Nicholas began to write. In order to compose a successful work, Nicholas had to make himself the reader. Nicholas placed himself in the passenger seat and let his imagination go to work.

As Nicholas was completing his book, he renewed his relationship with God and acquired a second job. Two jobs and attending college full-time forced Nicholas to put his writing on hold. Once Nicholas completed his first degree in marketing, he was able to focus on his unfinished work and complete his book in 2007.

From there, Nicholas began to send out query letters for his book. After no success, Nicholas placed his book on the shelf and returned to school. In 2009, Nicholas received a prophecy on his writing gift and immediately began shopping his book around. “I instantly thought of my finished work and began sending out query letters. Within two months, I received a publishing deal.” Now, Nicholas is fine-tuning himself for a long, successful career as a writer. His first love.

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