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A friendship forms among a diverse group of people when they meet in the Anonymous Artists support group, where they lament about the very odd jobs they must take to support themselves while they work towards achieving success in a very fickle industry.

  • Nono Osuji
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Nono Osuji

Nono Osuji is a first generation Nigerian-American, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She studied Communication Science Disorders and minored in performing arts at Saint Louis University. One year after graduating she moved to NYC to pursue a career in theater and film. With the lack of suitable roles that were offered, Nono adjusted her plan and decided that she was going to Tyler Perry her way into the industry. She started to write and produce some of her own short films, but realized that the quality of her work would improve drastically if she had better training on the technical end. She pursued and completed her studies in the Masters of Arts Media Studies and Film program from the New School University. She has worked for ABC and PBS on award winning documentaries, and worked in the Media and Public Relations field with Tiffany and Co., Estee Lauder, and L’Oreal USA, along with other smaller companies and individual artists. She is now pursuing a career both in front and behind the camera while writing for her website: The Lupus Diaries. It highlights her personal story about being diagnosed with Lupus, she hopes the website will become a source of inspiration and information for the millions of other people living with lupus and their loved ones. She is also working as the Director of Communication for the Next Generation Action Network a social justice nonprofit and auditioning for plays, commercials, and film.

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Writer Statement

I have always admired HBO programming for its diversity and the range of authentic stories that are so well captured on the small screen. It revolutionized cable television with programming like- Oz, The Sopranos and The Wire, and still today with newer shows like- Insecure and Big Little Lies.

I have always been a storyteller and an actor from the time I was a young child, and would direct everyone else during our game of 'pretend'. My imagination runs wild not just because of what I conjure up in my mind, but because of what I have witnessed through my own life experiences. I think I bring a diverse point of view because I am woman who lives and is from vastly different cultures and lifestyles, but by looking at me you would never know that.

I was born and raised in the south to Nigerian immigrant parents and spent my summers as a child in the library or in Nigeria. I know, my parents only exist in extremes. I am a Christian who has been exposed to the power of Juju/Vodoo. I was born a southerner but spent my adult years in NYC and the Midwest. I have experimented with drugs and worked with people who have suffered the pain that comes from lifetime addiction. I have gone to PWIs all my life while associating with gang members, mostly dating them. I have been the victim of police brutality, and now fight for social justice and police reform. I have worked in corporate America and have been a starving artist. When I tell people my experiences they wonder how many lives I have lived in the short time I have been alive. I have lived at least 100 lives and still have a hundreds more to live. But from all of these stages in my life I have a rich story and complex point of view that is uniquely Nono.