Interstellar Eddy

Interstellar Eddy is an out of this world adventure that hurls you through time, space and mind. Our lead is a young boy, 13-year-old EDDY TORONADO, who always has his head in the clouds, thinking of what he would do if he were an ordinary boy that fit in with all the other kids in his school, neighborhood, and general vicinity. One short and concise phrase sums up Eddy’s purpose in the Universe: “A diamond doesn't start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.” This is Eddy, an adolescent child who thinks he’s nothing special but finds that he is the new chosen ruler of a forgotten race that is a link to the Mayans that once thrived on Earth; only to one day just disappear.

Eddy's mother, DALIA TORONADO, 37, tall, slender stay at home mom who runs her own software company from her home office and is known to cook one mean souffle tries to keep an eye on her only son. While at the other end of the parenting spectrum, DAVID TORONADO, 41, soft-eyed, dark skin, with almond shaped brown eyes, likes to let Eddy fend for himself and learn from his experiences. As an astute College professor, David firmly believes that trial and error is key to the development of every teenager in his or her developing years. Neither of Eddy's parents is aware of their son's new outer worldly life and esteemed responsibilities. They merely look at Eddy as a regular run of the mill child struggling through puberty while adapting to the social strains of becoming a model citizen.

Like all young rulers from history's past, Eddy is surrounded with a council but is greatly influenced by his two mentors. His grandfather BALTHAZAR GUERRA, 58, anthropologist tall in stature and wiry musculature, keeps Eddy grounded and protected from his bombardment of ideas and temptations from his acquired power and influence.

Yet, when real physical threats enter into Eddy's domain, his friendly and trusted robot, STERLING CHAN-CHAN, 1000 years old, large in stature, highly sophisticated and Eddy's personal guard and galactic teacher, stands by his side whether rain or shine. Sterling uses his aggressive, yet cunning mentality, and Nano-Polymer Limestone compound created from the rare and unique element of AUGASOLMESIUM, to never let any harm come to his ruler but most of all good friend.

Eddy's older alter ego, "THE MIDNIGHT PEARL," was conceived by the power of THE WHITE SPHERE when Eddy touched it and became one with The White Sphere, which was hidden on the planet Plexo Solar from evil forces with evil plans. Eddy and The Midnight Pearl are entrusted to protect the entire known and unknown universe. They are incredibly powerful and can grow to unimaginable heights and sizes if needed. Eddy and The Midnight Pearl rely on each other for survival, one cannot exist without the other.

Each new adventure offers a fast-paced ride through the greatest threat or evildoer that Eddy must overcome to protect his sector of the galaxy and the entire Universe if the risk is significant enough. His morals and judgments will from time to time test the underlying story lines that involve Eddy's struggling journey to govern his newfound ancestors and various intergalactic races through the hierarchy that he is now ruler and ambassador. Through all this, Eddy must confront his biggest obstacle. Surviving adolescence: his first kiss, finishing homework on time and keeping up his grades to not get grounded. All this while encased in a full-grown man’s body when his call to adventure hurls him into action to protect not only his family but also the entire Universe that relies on his cunning skills, strength and perseverance.

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Writer Biography - Sergio Armendariz

Sergio Armendariz, hailing from the border town of El Paso, Texas near the edge of New Mexico, arrived in Los Angeles in early 1993. He quickly found work as a Screenplay Analyst for several companies: Mercedes Entertainment, Dinovi Pictures and the Screenplay Readers Company. From there, Armendariz became Director of Development for Jorge Rivero Productions and Mercedes Entertainment.

Gaining an interest in television sitcoms Sergio found a job as a phone page on the sets at Columbia Tri-Star and quickly worked his way up the ranks to Post Production Assistant on the hit TV show, MAD ABOUT YOU. He was a Writer’s Assistant before he left in 1995.

Changing gears, Armendariz entered into the world of Animation at DreamWorks SKG. There he worked his way up from Production Assistant to Department Head of Plotting in one year. He has
worked on the films: THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, EL DORADO, SPIRIT, and SINBAD. Armendariz also won an internal contest along with 3 other DreamWorks employees for a new story premise for
the animated movie SHREK 2.

Since childhood, Armendariz has always had a love for Sci-Fi, (Science Fiction) and the ideas it brings forth, many of which have now become reality in various aspects.

In 2000, Armendariz took a short hiatus from work to write, direct and produce a Sci-Fi short film in and around Las Cruces, New Mexico. He felt compelled to tell about the disappearance of socks from many laundry mat dryers and the energy they supply. Armendariz is one of those rare writers that is versatile and can write compelling and entertaining stories in whatever genre he decides to write in.

Armendariz is a great talent and a born storyteller who finished working at Disney TV Animation on the hit show: PHINEAS AND FERB at the end of 2013. He has sold several story ideas for “Phineas and Ferb,” which appeared during the show’s 3rd season. He is currently in negotiations with a publishing company for book rights on several of his original stories.

Coming from Latin descent, Armendariz knows the drive and desire to strive for excellence in his writing and to look at things from various perspectives and situations, which always allows him to create characters that are very colorful and memorable.

In addition to having a great understanding of human behavior, the worlds that his characters inhabit are vivid and lush with mood; atmosphere and dialogue that is always spot on. With this motivation in mind, Armendariz decided to create Out of Gum Productions, with his business and writing partner Felipe Salazar, in order to allow for Latino stories and characters to come forth and be explored my many cultures and individuals.

Armendariz lives by the motto: “We don't write Latino-themed projects. We write mainstream projects with Latinos in them.” Out of Gum Productions is a powerhouse for all types of projects that have one thing in common - Passion. Through the process of development from inception to completion, we will produce quality productions in the Entertainment business. Think of Desi Arnaz, think Desilu Studios. This will be our business model and inspiration.

Sergio Armendariz is a highly creative individual who finds a story in any situation and loves to bring it forward. Armendariz holds a B.A. degree in Television Journalism and a Minor in Creative Writing from New Mexico State University.

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Writing is an experience and a writer must experience life in order to tell his story in various ways and points of view. Without experience there is no life. Without no life, there is no story to tell or to hear.