Po-Boys Livin it Like The Bonobos

PO boys Livin’ it like The Bonobos follows Scooter Jones, the younger brother to Jammer. When they inherited
their family home and handyman-construction-auto-lawn-care-do-it-all business in New Orleans Louisiana,
after the loss of their fatherScooter is left high and dry by the disappearing act of his older
sibling. The pressure grows for him to save the family-business
home from the impeding foreclosure. On top of making sure his
mother’s assisted living facility bills are paid monthly.  
Scooter enlists the help of two local boys for the fledging business.
This unusual duo. Rattler a muscle bound roughneck who
has a huge problem with the bubbly (Moonshine), latex, older
women and his private member a micro-penis, Oscar. Scooter’s
member FABIO, thinks he’s Italian and has a tendency to rap
when he speaks.
Horatio aka’ Hoho, the 6’5 goober is proud of his second grade
education along with his super high-pitched member Ding Dong,
who is the definitive brains of this pairing, relates to Scooter’s
plight as he stays near to help take care of his aging grandparents
in the neighboring city of Baton Rouge.
On the other side of town. JD aka Jacob. The nerdy bike messenger
and his member Wifi, who speaks with a Yiddish dialect, are
constantly in debate with one another. Especially when he meets
the girl of his dreams Mary Louise.
The series begins with Jammer Jones running naked through
the French Quarter, who’s propensity for messing with upscale
unattainable women, especially the married kind is being chased
by the husband of Big Lucy, the loud mouthed red headed ex wife
JOHNO - Raging cajun gator hunter and his two twin backwater
brothers JiffyJo and JuffyJo,  are out for blood from anyone that
messes with their women folk.The show’s gears change when Scooter,
Rattler, Hoho, New hire foreign born
self-conscious Marius, Including JD, are
bribed and thrown into the lion’s den of
female patrons as last minute replacements
for an all male revue.
Marius, who’s extremely elongated member
Jack aka’ The Beanstalk’ talks with east
coast flavor.
After their Full Monty debut, the home
business picks up expeditiously, with
added extra-curricular services offered to
New Orleans socialites, MILFS, and anyone
that can afford their expertise.
Daily phone calls come in regularly requesting
repairs and maintenance done of
an up close and personal nature.
Scooter, and gang find time to relax in
their home garage man cave called The
A fresh fast-paced wacky take on men and
their on screen debates with their private

  • Ed De Harp
    Co-Creator Fury Requiem for a Dream
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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Writer Biography - Ed De Harp

Lions At The Gate Tanner/Paramount Pres Dir. Keith Shapiro
Requiem for a Dream Brody’s Henchman Dir. Darren Aronofsky
Last Call Carl Dir.EDH/Sweers/Prague
Too Little Too Late Reginald Dir. Walt Bithell
NOAH Rock Protector Paramount Dir. Darren Aronofsky
Class of 61 Regular/Douglas Amblin/Speilberg/Greghoblit
Corner Street Series Regular Mo UNIVERSAL/Pilot Pres.
Father and Son Dion/Lead NBC/ George Stanford Brown
The Colony Dir/Short EDH/ Lyslys Productions
Sapphist Woman Dir/Short EDH/ Lyslys Productions
House of Cards Multiple/ADR NETFLIX/ Dir James Foley
Trophy wife Multiple/ADR LABC/ Dir Jason Moore
Tomorrow People Multiple/ADR BerlantiProds/GeorgeAddad
Gang Related Multiple/ADR 20th Cen FOX/Dir Alan Hugh's Bros.

Robert Johnson Story Robert Johnson Met Theatre Ensemble
Night of Shakespeare Othello Actors Center London UK
Streams of Consciousness William Met Theatre Award Winner
Cornbread lady Eugene Kings Head London England
Of Mice and Men Lennie Tabernacle Theatre London
That Certain color Ben The Flea NY
OR To Vietnam Pete Bat Theatre NY
Raisin In the Sun Walter Lee Ensemble Theatre NY
Esther Hagar The Rose Theatre LA
Actors studio Lifetime member.. Martin Landau current moderator, Mark Rydell, Ellen Burstyn
Member of Met Theatre Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Angelina Jolie, Arlis Howard, Alfrie Woddard.
Central School of London Speech and Drama Prof. Gary Crossley/Peggy Feury Rec.
Peggy Feury (Sean Penn, , Kyra Sedrick, Forrest Whitaker) Extensive Meisner w/Sandy
Co-Owner LoopSouth.Adr Comp Noah, House of Cards, Gang Related, Escape Plan etc
Advanced Weapons training/Stage Fighting/MuayThai/Excels in Most Competitive sports
CTIG Comedy Theatre Improvisation Group Co- Founding Member Sketch Long Form and Short. Winner*
Advanced Movement Sword fighting/ Street Combat High level Dance/Voice/Virgin Solo recording Artist
Dialects/Languages - Spoken Japanese/Swedish/Italian Global Dialects British, Creole, Cockney, Arabic.
Feature Length

Contributing writer Requiem for a Dream (Fury) * Co- Creator. Darren Aronofsky

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Writer Statement

Ed De Harp

A Southern born boy raised up by a single mom, one of eight siblings.
Worked multiple jobs since I was four years old, along side migrant workers in tomato fields and paper routes.
We didn't have much by the way of monetary or financial extras, but had a wealth of love and education from our
Big Mama who raised seven boys and one girl singularly all who were well over six feet, even though she stood barely five foot one.

Big Mama had to be both Mother and Father to us.
That time period in those days in my life was severed for my dad who had to leave us to try an find employment to help his growing family. I was five years old.
That changed my sibling’s lives and me forever.

I always dreamed that he was a policeman or a fireman or an astronaut or a magician, an that one day after school he would come around the corner in a big red truck to pick me up and take me on an adventure.

That is the day I became a writer in my mind. I would make up stories and create worlds and dream of traveling to every fantasy world I invented.
When I turn 15. It's exactly what I did. I learned to sing and dance and act.
Which brought me to multiple countries and continents. I never knew how much of an impact not having a father would have on my life. Since losing my Big Mama recently. I know a mother’s love no matter how old you become surpasses realms of the world and the after life and we live on. Even though she is not physically here with me. I get signs from her telling me to keep going Jr. Show the world what you are made of and who you are.

A 15 year old African American kid who left home to pursue his dreams, who met an older Jewish woman who was like a second mom mentor to him \ who took him under her wings and to temple.

To the amazing training in Japan at the renown Kabuki Theatre, under master Taekeishi Hamagaki.
To the Central School of London, the classics like Shakespeare.
To the Met Theatre Ensemble, with the wonder Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Beth Henley respectively.
To a music career at Virgin record deal at seventeen years old.
This all brought me to story telling of hard knock life struggles, and adventures. Teaching me where there is a will you will make a way.
Tenacity and persistence is the key to achieving your dreams.

My stories reflect my life, from the dreams and experiences that I've grown up with, some devastating and sad, others funny and hysterical, fiction based from Non- fictional episodes of times past to the present.