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The Road Comic

Kelly Stoner is a road comic rethinking her path in life. She visits her unhappily married friend, Jen, and they hit the road together on the comedy circuit, discovering more about themselves and each other.

  • Nancy Fingerhood
    Mile High Nancy
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Open Screen Night
    Denver, CO
    March 18, 2014
    Best Short
Writer Biography - Nancy Fingerhood

Nancy Fingerhood hails from New Jersey and moved out to Colorado more than 11 years ago. While she has been a writer and performer for many years, her filmmaking career began 3 years ago with the creation of the video spoof Middle Aged Women Gone Wild. After winning the Open Screen Night filmmakers competition in Denver in March 2014, she went to to write, produce, direct, edit and star in the spoof commercial the Fubra. She again won Open Screen Night in March 2015. Since then she has created many more comedy videos including her web series Mile High Nancy based on a single mother by choice who is an aspiring comedian and hosts a 420 friendly cooking show. Several of her videos have been screened at The Emerging Filmmakers Project and Colorado Independent Women in Film festivals.

She has also performed stand up comedy at venues such as Comedy Works, the Bug Theater and the Improv at Northfield. She took first place in the Colorado You've Got Talent comedy competition judged by Tommy Chong.

She is currently the co-owner of Vivid Impressions Productions, a photography and videography services company based in Westminster. She is also the writer of the blog Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild, combining her humorous and honest writing style to discuss relationships, parenting, aging and anything else that catches her attention.

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Writer Statement

The Road Comic is a comedy/drama tv series focusing on women in comedy. They will deal with heart break, sexism in the comedy scene, finding their truth in life and fun adventures along the way. It is written to reveal the fun and hardships in the life of a comedian. Kelly yearns for more such as fame in comedy and both women long for close connections with others.