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New Olympus

Different Strokes meets Greek Mythology, NEW OLYMPUS is a 1/2 hour multi-cam comedy following ZEUS, God of Thunder, trapped on Earth, as he becomes a single dad to his twin teenage Black children, CALLIE and DENNIS, while their mom ails in a coma. No longer Lord of Mt. Olympus, gods and men, Zeus is a stranger in a strange land navigating poverty in Harlem without the comforts of his kingdom, often clashing with his underprivileged kids. NEW OLYMPUS offers a fresh, inclusive take on Greek Mythology, injecting it with energy reflecting the diverse cultural diaspora and socio-political reality that we live in today.

  • Justin Carter
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Justin Carter

Justin learned early on telling a good story could mean survival after “borrowing” fifty cents from his brother to go play arcade games. After getting caught, he tried explaining the money was used to defeat Shredder in Ninja Turtles and place their family name atop the leaderboard. It didn’t work but he learned an important lesson that day... never insult your audience. Justin graduated summa cum laude from Morehouse before studying under his mentor, Bill Duke, quickly becoming his Head of Writing and Development. He mentored young artists with tough upbringings in Brooklyn, launching a community program utilizing his original writings to teach Black History. Justin graduated from UCB, wrote an award winning digital series, and was selected to NBC’s Writers on the Verge. In many ways, he’s the same kid who snatched change off his brother’s dresser to play arcade games, striving to place his name atop the leaderboard.

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Writer Statement

I’m passionate about writing. I find it empowering to pull nothing from thin air and breathe it into existence onto an empty page. The frustration, doubt, and misery is all worth it after getting it onto the page. I find nothing to be more satisfying than the reward of the finished product, especially when it’s hard earned.

Earning things the hard way was impressed upon me early in life. Most friends I grew up with are dead or in jail. I would’ve suffered a similar fate had I not discovered writing and turned my life around. By immersing myself in my creativity, I altered the trajectory of my life. Now I use my writing to provide a bold perspective that’s inclusive so people growing up like I did recognize themselves in my work and know that they exist.
In my past experience, I find that I move beyond vanilla ideas to find interesting, inventive angles that inspire creativity in the writer’s room. I can also collaborate well with others to find ways to identify and strengthen weaknesses in the writing while finding ways to deepen and diversify the strengths of the material. I’m never quick to prejudge characters or their decisions. I believe the beauty lies in the gray areas and rarely in the black and white.

I write to give voice to the voiceless by telling the truth, no matter how painful, funny, or embarrassing that may be. I believe this is my obligation, a small way to honor those who’ve come from similar circumstances but have no platform to express their truth. By crafting stories that resonate, I’m doing my part to offer something authentic, refreshing, and inventive.
As writer I feel it’s our obligation to use our voice to reflect the reality we live in today. I bring diversity by tiptoeing through minefields searching for comedy many writers are unwilling to find. Diversity isn’t just about ethnicity, it's about presenting a unique world-view that reflects the world we live in. America is a beautiful spectrum, a melting pot of different cultures, religions, sexual orientations and nationalities. This is what makes us special. Our diversity is our Superpower. I grew up watching the work of Norman Lear, a genius who understood this. His brash, honest, raw, and hilarious tone helped shape my voice as a writer. Norman Lear’s characters and circumstances felt very familiar to me because they were reflective of my reality. This approach is essential to my writing. My diverse voice helps me tap into this truth, reflecting a reality everyone can find relatable. I write topical content speaking to issues people face that they identify with.

We’re currently experiencing a television renaissance that’s unprecedented in the history of the medium. Television is our most creative platform. I believe I can contribute to this and make an impact by pushing the envelope even further with a unique perspective inspired by my diverse personal background.