Matthew Lewis Jr 'SUPERHERO "

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    los angeles
    December 10, 2016
    BEST SONG & best album decemder 2106
Artist Biography

Resulting from the association of three friends who know each other for many years and have worked together on this project.
All three are already moving in the shadows under different pseudonyms, participating on many productions in various musical styles.

Talent, ambition and professionalism, as well as a common musical background and parallel influences ( funk, disco ,house ) led to a strong, qualitative production that’s bound to succeed on the international scene.

This first album, also released thanks to the rigorous and requiring habits of its producers, and studio engineers as well, appears as fresh, surprising and really successful in terms of musicality and technicity. '' SUPERHERO '' is the first single.

With first and foremost love and passion, this 16 track album is now brought to life, ready to conquer the musical field for the years to come !

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Artist Statement

Regarding the album '' happiness'
First, I will say that I am above all a lover of music in different styles, the idea of this album was, above all, to have fun trying to produce titles pop funk and sometimes disco funk, that could satisfy a wide audience, the current trend is overcharged favorable for us with already well present artists like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and others, but it is unpretentious and without copying what we have done our best.
Our various experiences and musical tastes, have allowed us to achieve what we wanted, Fred Crepin the producer, who is also my friend, wanted to repeat play, low, drums, guitars and brass by real musician very talented studio, the different themes of the titles are simple and worth to everyone.
With all my heart I invite you to discover this beautiful album, hoping it will make you dance!

Concerning the title superhero
I'm a fan of comics for years and one morning I hummed a melody that was rather catchy and cheerful and I say that talking about some superhero without mention could be fun
red cape and underwear for superman, an angry man with a purple trousers hulk, and magic hammer and blond hair thor, the idea was important not to take seriously and say how much they'll be cool to be a super hero!
everyone can sing easily and musical Gimmik remains well head.
we even did make remix, house, deep house and funky, so it draws also be played by DJ's around the world!